Sex CD of Vasundhara Raje Scindia

Indian Politics has changed a lot. Now, power hungry politicians can go to any level to win an election. Unfortunately, the majority of Indian media keep supporting them. The constant negative propaganda against Narendra Modi is no secret. Now, it is the turn of popular Rajasthan politician Vasundhara Raje Scindia. A controversial CD is being circulated where obscenity related to Vasundhara Raje is shown.

The BJP has complained about this CD. According to the complaint, the content of this CD is morphed. The face of Vasundhara Raje is used to malign her. Obscene physical activities, gesture etc. can be seen in the CD. More importantly, rather than uploading the CD directly on the Internet, it is being distributed through post. Various journalists and known personalities of Rajasthan have already got this CD in the post. Along with the CD which contained Vasundhara Raje MMS, they are also getting booklets and other written materials.

The BJP has accused Congress for stooping to such a low level of playing mud game out of frustration. The BJP is expected to win back Rajasthan in the upcoming election. The Congress under Ashok Gehlot has already sensed their defeat. In a last attempt they are trying to target the most powerful leader and the Chief Ministerial candidate of the BJP. 

However, it seems that the entire stuffs have backfired. It may even give an upper hand to Narendra Modi who is also embroiled in a controversial MMS and snooping issue. People will start to think that when pushed to the wall, Congress can stoop to any level even defaming a respected leader.

It is said that the controversial video featuring Vasundhara Raje first came into the light in the last week of October. In fact, police acted swiftly and had arrested four persons in the case. According to India Today, the Rajasthan police had to abandon the case when the investigation lead them to a powerful Congress leader. If the police had shown courage to touch the leader at that time, this CD would not have been distributed.

Apart from doctored and edited images of Vasundhara Raje Scindia, this CD also contained some of the most heinous personal attacks on Vasundhara Raje.

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