Unwanted 72: Side Effects and Review

Unwanted 72 is a morning after or emergency contraceptive pill being marketed by Mankind Pharma. Like iPill, the market leader in India, Mankind has also used some innovating marketing campaigns to make this product a household name. This is an over the counter product, and there is no check on the use of it especially by teenage girls. The Health Ministry to the Government of India had issued a statement regarding this where it was said that the widespread use of iPill and Unwanted 72 needs to be curtailed. The marketing companies don’t disclose many long term side effects of oral contraceptive pills. 

There is no denying that in many circumstances the use of Oral Contraceptive Pill becomes a sort of necessity. It is always better to have unwanted pregnancy and then going for abortion. If your regular contraceptive measures like condoms failed or if you had physical relationship without any planning and hence could not use any barrier methods, the use of emergency pills like Unwanted 72 becomes necessary. 

Side Effects of Unwanted 72

Following are some possible side effects of using Unwanted 72:

-         Nausea

-         Vomiting

-         Irregular Menstruation Period

-         Mild to Severe Headache

-         Sudden Mood Changes

-         Dizziness

Apart from this there are some reports which say that women regularly using emergency contraceptive pills are at higher risk of getting breast cancer. 

Having said that, I would like to reiterate that there is no problem in using this pill in extraordinary situation. You are required to remember the official name of this pill – EMERGENCY. Yes, it MUST be used only in the case of emergency, not regularly. If you are using it regularly, get ready for some serious health complications in the long term. Your male partner needs to understand this fact. 

Review of Unwanted 72

If you take a look at the name of this pill, you will find 72. It is nothing, but an indication that this pill will work if you take it within 72 hours of making unprotected physical relationship. However, please keep this fact in mind that for maximum possible protection, you should take it as soon as possible. Here is the level of protection of Unwanted 72:

Within 24 hours: Up to 95%

24 - 48 hours: 85%

48 – 72 hours: 58%

Further, you need to keep in mind that this is not an absorption pill. If you are already pregnant, you should not use Unwanted 72 or for that matter any other emergency contraceptive pills. In that case, it will not have any effect.

If you are pregnant the egg is already fertilized and implanted on the uterus. Unwanted 72 works by not allowing egg to get implanted on the wall of the uterus. It is Progesterone based pill. 

What if you vomit after taking the pill? In that case, please take another pill immediately. 

In the end, I would like to say that teenage girls should avoid using this pill. Many doctors feel that this pill is not suitable for women below 25 years of age.


  1. Unwanted 72 has tons of side effects.

    Please avoid using one in all circumstances.

  2. Sir my friend take this tablet her age is 19 and her period time is only after 2days sir plz give me advise sir koi problem to ni hogi

  3. hi. maine apney boyfriend k sath without condom sex kiya tha or 72hr comlete hone ko sirf 3hr bachy thy.tab maine unwanted72 khaie thi or uske 5hr bad fer se without condom sex kar liya kya main pregnanr to nai hounge.plz reply

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    2. You might be safe for the first without protection sex. However, that might not be true for the second relationship. I wonder how you can made this sort of mistake. Please, always ask your boyfriend to use protection, condom, while making love. If he doesn't, he is not in love with you. Period.

    3. Maybe .. but one more time sex . So chances are might be of ur pregnancy

  4. sir future m pregnancy hone m koi rukawat to nahi aygi sir.... pls tell me
    mene unwanted 72 apni wife ko diya tha ab wo pregnant nahi ho pa rahi hai
    pls tell me..

  5. Sir withought condom ya condom ke fat jane par unwanted 72 tab khilanepar reall me pregnent nahi hoti hai ladkiya?

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  7. I want to take condom and intercourse with my girlfriend. For safe side after sex having unwanted 72 is good. Please let me know side effects.

  8. Sir my friend take this tablet her age is 18 and her period time is only after 2days sir plz give me advise sir koi problem to ni hoga na

  9. My menstruation date is 30 april and without safety i had sex wid my boyfriend on 9 april ,while doing sex his penis got leaked on my pussy so there is any chances of getting pregnant...please help

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  11. My girlfriend took this pill immediately we intimated by oral sex only...we didn't had intercourse even though she took it...her age is 22....bt after taking it within 3 days she had her period bt after that for about 2 months she didn't had period....where as she used to have a regular timely period....what do you suggest?

  12. chodo chodo unwanted 72 hai na .......

  13. meri gf sex hone ke 12hr ke bad unwanted72 li or 5hr bad bleeding hua....koi problem to nhi hoga na

  14. Hi maine apni grl frnd ko 72 di uske baad mc bhi hui but lekin ab uske agle mahine 12 din ho chuke lekin abhi tak nahi hui btao aisa kyu

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  16. I have given unwanted 72 to my wife after 24 hrs of the sex, but still my wife missed her period. Please let me know if there is any possibility of the pragnancy?

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