Name of Delhi Uber Cab Rape Victim

Delhi is again feeling ashamed for not saving another of its daughters. This time an executive was raped in a cab owned by a well-known private operator named Uber.

Delhites are yet to forget the horrific incident of Nirbhaya which had also happened in the chilling month of December. A fast track court was established for the Nirbhaya case and the four accused was sentenced to death (one had committed suicide and the other was a juvenile among six accused). However, it is nothing short of utter shock that even after two years, none of the accused has been punished.

If you don’t punish accused, you only give more power to another to be accused.

Rape in the Uber Cab

The lady executive who is 27 year old hired a private cab after attending a party in Vasant Vihar. Since she was alone, she hired a Uber cab because it is considered safe. That was midnight and just after riding the cab she fell asleep. The driver of the cab was Shiv Kumar Yadav, a Mathura resident. When Shiv Kumar saw the girl sleeping, the demon in him awakened. He hurriedly took the cab to a deserted area in Sarai Rohilla. He parked the car and came near the girl. Feeling the tough of someone, the girl came out of her senses and found the driver sitting close to her. She tried to resist and Shiv Kumar Yadav thrashed her. He further threatened to kill her with a rod (remember Nirbhaya!). She was helpless. Shiv Yadav raped her and further threatened to kill her if she reports the incident to anyone.

However, the girl took the initiative and reported the incident.

This rape is also a question mark over the private taxi network. Uber has got many big funding, but its service is also quite poor. It has not done any verification of Shiv Kumar Yadav. Further, there was no GPS installed in the car.

The Name of the Victim

Indian Penal Code forbids publicly disclosing the name of a rape victim. You can’t even discuss her identity or her surname. Alka Lamba had disclosed the name of a rape victim of Guahati and she got a plum post in AAP. However, it is better for us to keep quiet about the identity of the girl who is the only child of her parents.

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  1. Claiming that Uber had sacrificed customer safety for the sake of profit and expansion, here after this should never have happened to anyone Authorities please take several actions.