Nupur Sharma, BJP: Profile, Boyfriend and Wiki

People who don’t know anything about Nupur Sharma are wondering about the BJP choice to field her against Arvind Kejriwal from New Delhi. Some are calling her a scapegoat. AAP supporters are quite harsh on her. They are declaring an easy win for Kejriwal claiming Nupur Sharma to be a sacrificial lamb. She has definitely lost 2015 assembly election to Arvind Kejriwal, but she was successful in lowing the margin of win. It is not a small thing to lower the victory margin of Kejriwal when AAP scored thumping victory from all corners of Delhi.

Nupur Sharma is not new to a tough political fight. She had won 2008 DUSU election for the post of the President as a nominee of ABVP. At that time, DUSU was a bastion of NSUI, Congress student wing. Nupur Sharma’s win was a big surprise to even hard core ABVP supporters.

Nupur is also highly educated. She remained involved with the BJP since her DU president days, but didn't leave her education. Apart from Delhi University, she also studied from London School of Economics. She is currently practicing as a lawyer.

She is only 29 year old, but she is working as national media co-incharge of Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha and holding a prominent position in Delhi state BJP.

People who are calling Nupur Sharma a sacrificial lamb should know that she was lobbying for this seat. And, remember this is different time of BJP under Shah-Modi combo. Modi and Shah can never give Kejriwal a walk over win. They decided about Nupur Sharma only after getting positive ground reports. Nupur belongs to New Delhi assembly area. Further, she is also engaged in social work in her area. She widely known and respected in that area. Nupur isn’t only natural, but the most potent weapon that the BJP has against Arvind Kejriwal.

Nupur Sharma

Boyfriend of Nupur Sharma

There is no information in the public media about the relationship status of Nupur Sharma. Whether she is single or committed isn’t known even to her close friends.


  1. She is a rising star of Indian politics and definitely she will be a tall leader of BJP

  2. She is an excellent orator. She has very good language skills and know how to debate on real points.

  3. She is amazing...seen her defending her party colleague Vijender Gupta on Arnav show. She was unbeatable....she will do wonders in her career...

  4. She was fantastic in Arnab show. She has outstanding command in Hindi and English. I think BJP should back her full frame as BJP face in Delhi.

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  6. I can not imagine how Kujli won last time. Idiot Kujli is lire and no comparison to more educated well knowledgeable Nupur Sharma. This Gooonda Kujli is no choice

  7. Nurpur Sharma is pure Indian beauty