Salary of Cyrus Mistry

Cyrus Mistry is the Chairman of Tata Sons, the holding company of all group enterprises. He is the sixth Chairman and the second Chairman without the name Tata. He is also considered quite maverick and an able successor to the likes of Ratan Tata and Late J R D Tata. Being a Parsi, he is distantly related to Tata families.

Before joining Tata Sons, Cyrus Mistry was working as the managing director of Shapoor Ji Pallon Ji Company – S P Company. His father is the chairman of this conglomerate, which is now currently managed by Cyrus Mistry.

Biggest shareholder of Tata Sons

Cyrus along with his brother Shapoor Ji is the biggest shareholder of Tata Sons. You will be surprised to know that Cyrus holds 9.2 % shares of Tata Sons and his brother  also has the same number of shares.

Salary of Cyrus Mistry

People are naturally interested in knowing the salary details of Cyrus Mistry. However, it is not available in the public forum. Tata Sons is not listed and hence it has no obligation to give details of salary structure of its Chairman to any regulator.

But, according to grapevine and as per common knowledge of Tata employees, Cyrus salary is quite astronomical. He is currently taking Rs. 10 Crores per year. You may say that his salary is far much lower than what other big business personalities of India like Mukesh Ambani and Naveen Jindal are taking. But, you should remember that Cyrus is having more challenging job at his hand.

In any case, Cyrus is taking much more than what Ratan Tata was getting.

As I have mentioned above, Cyrus has 9.2 % share of Tata Sons. He is getting dividend out of this share, majority of which is diverted to Tata Trust.

He is also getting huge money through S P Company of his family. However, his entire earning from Shapoorji’s firms goes to a trust specifically built for this purpose as per understanding of Tata and Mistry families. It was done to avoid any conflict of interest situation.

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