Is J. Jayalalitha Dead?

UPDATE: December 4, 2016: Jayalalitha has suffered a severe cardiac arrest just after the AIADMK released a statement saying that she is well and will return to work soon. As per a medical bulletin issued by the Apollo Hospital, she has been shifted to the ICU and a team of doctors are supervising her health. 

Police has been deployed around the Apollo Hospital to maintain the law and order if Jayalalitha dies. 

The health condition of J. Jayalalitha continues to remain a matter of concern and strong speculation. She was admitted to the Apollo Hospital, Chennai last week. Then, it was said to be a simple case of persistent fever coupled with dehydration. The hospital, on their part, was releasing medical bulletin daily to let her supporters and others know the exact status of her health. However, after three days, Apollo stopped to issue any medical bulletin. That complete secrecy on the part of hospital led to wild speculation about the health of the Chief Minister. Some rumor mongers started to claim that Jayalalitha is dead.

The news of Jayalalitha’s death spread like wild fire. People were frenetically searching news about this. Taken aback by these developments, Apollo released a statement giving update of her health. The statement signed by Subbiah Vishwanathan says that the Chief Minister is responding well to the treatment and she is advised to be in the hospital for few more days.

The rumor about her death was first published by a blogger based in France. She took advantage of the geographical barrier knowing fully that the Indian law won’t be able to do anything. It was she who first propounded the idea that J. Jayalalitha is dead. 

An FIR was filed against her and her account was deleted. Chennai Police also issued a statement calling people to show restraint while using the social media. The Police further said that they are tracking account of rumor mongers and stern action will be taken against them.

The Current Status of Health of Jayalalitha

One thing is very much clear and certain that Jayalalitha is NOT dead. On the same breath we can also say that her medical condition is not good. The secrecy on the part of Tamil Nadu Government and AIADMK leadership indicates the same.

A clear indication of her critical health came to the notice when media published news about Dr. Richard John Beale who is Consultant Intensivist at the prestigious London Bridge Hospital flew to Chennai to check Jayalalitha. He will stay put here and the treatment will continue under his medical supervision. It simply means that Jayalalitha is definitely alive, but in a critical stage.

Dr. Richard John Beale is considered a specialist of lung injury and multiple organ failure. Is this an indication that Jayalalitha is having multiple organ failure? If that is the case, her survival may be tough.

At this time, the demand of K. Karunanidhi that the Government should release a picture of Jayalalitha to kill rumors and speculation is completely unjustified. Is it fine to ask for photo of a person who is in the ICU? This is inhuman.

Keeping politics off, we all should pray for the health of Jayalalitha.


  1. All my prayers for AMMA's Speedy recovery.....She is a blessed woman in this universe....So she will be back alive with the prosperous health condition....

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