Watch Surgical Strike Video of Indian Army Across LoC

India claims to have crossed the Line of Control for the first time and killed more than 50 terrorists apart from destroying around 7 launch pads. In this famous surgical strike, around 9 Pakistani Army men were also killed.

Pakistan admitted to have lost the lives of two of its soldiers. However, it denied that surgical strike had happened. Actually, it is in a catch – 22 situations where it can neither admit nor deny about the surgical strike. If it accepts; that will effectively mean that Pakistani held areas are a heaven for terrorists. If it denies; that will mean giving Indian Army free hand to do another strike if they find terrorist activities. For the moment, Pakistan decided to deny surgical strike to keep off any sentiment of Civilians to go all out against India.

War is not in the interest of either Pakistan or India.

However, Pakistan has done something completely idiotic. It is continuously denying the existence of surgical strike, but at the same time the statements of its leaders along with political environment shows something different.

Proof of Surgical Strike

Some politicians in India are echoing the statements made by Pakistani leaders and terrorists. Arvind Kejriwal is leading the wagon where he has subtly asked the Government to release proof of surgical strike.

First Video of Surgical Strike (preparation)


There are some proofs available in the form of leaks. However, the main videos and images taken by the Para Commandos while killing terrorists have not been released.
Those on-the-spot videos can lead to escalation, if released. Indian Government should not care what politicians like Kejriwal are saying. Indian public has full faith on the integrity and prowess of its soldiers. There is also no denying that Indian Army has always been politically neutral and it will never do anything to help a politician.

India, if needed, should release the main video when it thought that to be the best time for its interest. Just like surgical strike, the video should become a tool to make a point for the interest of the country.

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