Ram Kishan Grewal: Suicide or Murder?

Sudebar Ram Kishan Grewal committed suicide on 2nd November allegedly for his unhappiness over the OROP issue. His letter and statements by his family members show that he was not getting benefits of OROP. Opposition leaders led by Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal started drama and they tried to enter the RML Hospital. They didn’t thought for a second that making the hospital a political arena can be disastrous for hundreds of other patients getting treatment there. They reached with thousands of supporters. Delhi Police tried to stop them and later detained them to be released few hours later.

These leaders started to call it a murder of democracy. However, in all these dramatic events, the question of Grewal suicide is lying somewhere without any answer. This suicide is quite confusing and left many unanswered questions.

Reason Behind Ram Kishan Grewal Suicide

As mentioned above, Grewal allegedly committed suicide because he was not getting benefits of OROP.

However, the documents accessed from bank and defense ministry show that he was in deed getting benefits of OROP. Defense Ministry had approved Rs. 28, 000 per month for him and he was getting Rs. 23, 000. There was a mismatch of Rs. 5,000. There might be some issues with the bank which could have sorted out easily by writing a simple letter to the concerned authorities.

But, he committed suicide. Whoa!

He was getting Rs. 10, 000 for long. Suddenly, his pension got doubled. And, he was not happy with that and ended his life. Isn’t it mysterious?

Rahul Gandhi who is creating drama should remember that it was Indira who had ended OROP. Further, his mother didn’t do anything for this issue during 10 years rule of the UPA led by Manmohan Singh. And, now when almost all eligible ex-servicemen are getting double pension, he is creating dram.

It should be noted here that issue of OROP is still being considered by the Reddy Commission. This is a big change and going to cost the exchequer Rs. 8, 000 Crore per year. Some anomalies are expected to be there. Thousands of ex-servicemen found that they are getting less than what the calculation shows. They petitioned to the concerned department and started to get exact amount. In any case, all issues are going to be sorted out in months to come.

Letter and Suicide

It should also be noted here that Grewal had typed the letter on 31st October. And, he committed suicide on the very next day – 1st November. Why did he take this extreme step without posting the letter to the Defense Ministry? And, most importantly, who was with him when he took that extreme step?

Serious investigation needs to be done in this case to crack the case. This doesn’t seem to be an open and shut case of suicide. There is definitely something fishy. 

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