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Who is Boyfriend of Yami Gautam?

Yami Gautam is slowly, but steadily, riding the ladder of success in the Bollywood. She is no more recognized as a Fair and Lovely Girl, but now people call her a burgeoning super star who outshone Hrithik Roshan in one movie. She had started with commercials and later attracted attentions with her stunning performances in various Hindi serials like Chand Ke Paar Chalo.

Yami got a chance to appear on the big screen in Ullasa Utsaha, a Kannada movie. However, it was her sensible acting in Vicky Donor, a Hindi feature film, which compelled people to take notice of her performance. Almost everyone who reviewed Vicky Donor had reserved positive remarks for Yami Gautam. The credit for the success of this low budget film also goes to her.

Profile of Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam was born and brought up in Chandigarh in 1988. She studied here and was aspiring to become an IAS officer. During her graduation (Law Honors), she had even enrolled with the correspondence program of Sri Ram’s IAS, New Delhi. However, destiny had written a different script for her.

Boyfriend of Yami Gautam

There is no doubt that she is glamorous. Because of her beauty she was quite popular at her college. Boys used to thank their luck for even having a short chit-chat with her. The popularity and constant praise for beauty made her think about looking for a career in the film industry. In this endeavor, one of her friends helped her. That friend had also become a boyfriend over the time. The name of her boyfriend was Jitendra Malik. Yami Gautam had shared quite a close relationship with him. It is also said that Jitendra was not her first boyfriend. She had previously accepted the proposal of a classmate during 11th. However, that relationship could not last long. It was, in fact, Jitendra who helped her to get some contacts in Mumbai which ultimately made it possible for Yami to get work in a serial in such a short span of time.

Yami Gautam’s Second Boyfriend

Life is strange. You don’t get close to a people who had worked beside your workstation for long. And, you become a friend with someone who is working in a different building beside your office. That is what had happened with Yami Gautam. She didn’t come close to someone who was working with her in TV serials. However, she came ‘too close’ with Gaurav Khanna who had worked with her in Raymond Commercial. The reason is unknown. But, according to confirmed sources, Yami Gautam had found her second boyfriend. She ditched Jitendra Malik after finding a place in Mumbai. She was single now and Gautam Khanna was there to hold her hand. They are currently dating. Obviously there is no plan to get married in the near future. This relationship is also bound to be broken after few months and then Yami will start looking for someone else. Let’s see, who will be her third (or, fourth) boyfriend?

Pulkit Sharma and Yami Gautam

Pulkit Sharma is married. When Yami got in touch with him, they become close friends. After one sexual relationship, Yami asked Pulkit to marry her. Pulkit is on the way and divorce with his wife is going on. But, till then the physical satisfaction of Yami may get over and she may ditch Pulkit. In this entire story, it is quite certain that Pulkit will be nowhere. 


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