Rohit Sharma: Wife, Girlfriends and Family

There has never been any doubt about the impeccable skills and cricketing techniques of Rohit Sharma. It was just a bit of carelessness in the way he was batting which resulted in inconsistent performance. However, he seems to get rid of that stuff and now has now become an established opener along with Shikhar Dhavan. His two double tons (209 and 264) against mighty Australia and Srilanka are a testimony of his potential. Mumbai Indians under his leadership has touched new high by winning 2013 edition of IPL and Champions Trophy.

Irrespective of his on field performances, Rohit Sharma has always been hot among teen Indian girls. He is good looking, well-built and now can hit sixes better and more than even Chris Gayle (remember his 16 sixes against Australia!). 

Rohit Sharma Girlfriend Sofia Hayat

The first public girlfriend of Rohit Sharma was Sofia Hayat. You can see them posing closely in the accompanying picture. They dated for quite a long time. However, the relationship gone sour once Rohit got busy and could not afford to give sufficient time to Sofia Hayat. She took it as a personal assault and abruptly ended the relationship. According to the grapevine, the main reason behind her decision was dwindling profile of Rohit Sharma. She was upset with lots of criticism that Rohit had to bear with. It was even said that Rohit is getting a chance just because of his proximity with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. She didn't want to be associated with someone whose profile is getting down. Little did she realize that the best of Rohit Sharma is yet to come! When Rohit Sharma scored whooping 264 against Sri Lanka, Sofia said that she will get shot all NUDE to celebrate this moment. She was obviously trying to get attention of Rohit, but was failed.

Sofiya Hayat went to the extent of publicly making a statement and mocked Rohit Sharma. She used Twitter and said that she is going to break relationship with Rohit.

Rohit Sharma Early Affairs

After getting dumped by Sofia Hayat, Rohit Sharma is currently single. He is not dating anyone, at least publicly. However, he had two relationships previously. He first proposed to one of her classmates at Swami Vivekanand International School, Boriwali. This incident happened when he was in class 11th. The girl’s name is not known as this relationship lasted for quite a short time. The broke up happened after the completion of school education. And, this time also it was the girl who took step to be away from Rohit’s life. Again, she didn’t realize that Rohit will become a national hero sometime in future.

Rohit Sharma’s second girlfriend was from Hyderabad. You may be surprised to know that Rohit Sharma is not a Maharastrian. Though, he was born in Nagpur. He is an Andhraite. His mother tongue is Telugu. His second affair also happened with a Telugu speaking girl from Hyderabad. The girl who is nicknamed as ‘Chikki’ is his distant relationship. However, this relationship also ended once the families of the couple came to know about it.

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh

Rohit Sharma and Ritika Sajdeh

After flirting with many girls, Rohit Sharma decided to get settled. It is said that upheavals in his personal life was the main reason behind his inconsistency in the field.

Rohit Sharma proposed Ritika Sajdev and they recently married. Ritika is a well-known event manager. She is quite beautiful, and you can say that she is the most beautiful among all girlfriends of Rohit Sharma.

He has definitely settled with the best one. 


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