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Aishwarya Rai to Divorce Abhishek Bachchan

If you are asked to name the most popular contemporary couple of the Bollywood, you may want to answer Aishwarya and Abhishek. There is not a modicum of doubt behind this fact that the Bachchan family is enjoying the same status in the Bollywood, which Nehru Gandhi family has in the Indian politics. You can criticize them, you can loathe them, but you can’t ignore them.

The marriage of Aish and Abhishek was also a matter of national importance. The entire media enthusiastically covered the marriage. After the birth of Aaradhya, the couple seems to be complete.

However, some startling news has started to come out from the high rise wall of Jalsa, Bachchan’s home in Mumbai. It seems not everything is going great between two ladies of the family – Jaya and Aishwarya. Moreover, there are some clear signs of possibility of divorce between Aishwarya and Abhishek. Remember, before declaring the news of separation by Hrithik Roshan, no one had expected Sussanne to leave him. Exactly, that is what seems to be happening in the Bachchan family.

Jaya is Annoyed with Aishwarya

The primary reason behind this difference of opinion between Aish and Abhishek is none other than Jaya Bachchan. Being the mother in law, she is going out of the way to obstruct Aishwarya. She is constantly reminding Aish about the culture and tradition of the Bachchan family. For example, Jaya didn’t follow her burgeoning career after getting married. And, more importantly, she always tried her best to remain up to the expectation of Late Harivansh Rai Bachchan, the father of Amitabh.

Is Aaradhya the Reason behind this Problem?

According to sources, it is none other than Aaradhya Bachchan, the little girl of Aish and Abhishek, who is the main reason behind this family problem. Aishwarya used to take care of Aaradhya to the best of her ability. However, recently, she started to stay out in the party till late night leaving Aaradhya at home with Jaya and Amitabh. First, Jaya warned Abhishek and asked her to tell Aish to take care of Aaradhya. Abhishek did talk with Aish, which made Aishwarya even angrier. She took it a direct interference in her independence by Jaya.

When in a family party, one of the close associates of Bachchan family called Aishwarya as Aish, Jaya interrupted in the middle. She scolded the young man to give respect to Aishwarya as she is the honor of the Bachchan family. When the family returned home, Aish angrily talked to Jaya regarding this. She blatantly told her that this type of interference is plainly unacceptable to her.

Aishwarya Rai tried to persuade Abhishek to leave the house, and stay away from his family. Abhishek, as expected, rejected the proposal. The matter was going out of hand, when Amitabh took initiative. He asked both Aish and Abhishek to stay in the other bungalow. As a matter of fact, Amitabh has two bungalows in Mumbai. 

Currently, Aishwarya and Abhishek are staying in the other bungalow. Abhishek is said to be not happy. Remember, he had broken the engagement to Karishma Kapoor just because she wanted to stay away from Amitabh and Jaya after marriage.

It is said that Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan may decide to separate anytime in 2017. The divorce is on the card; let’s see how long they will keep it away.

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Abhishek Sarcastic Remarks on Twitter about Divorce

When the news of Divorce become a trending news on the MSM and Social media, Abhishek Bachchan tried to douse the fire through his Twitter handle. He sarcastically thanked people for informing him about his divorce and asked them to suggest when he is going for second marriage.

After that the couple also visited Cannes Film Festival in France. They even organized a dinner. But people present at the dinner told media about the problems they are facing. Their non-verbal communication and facial expressions were more than enough to suggest that not everything is good between them. 


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