Boyfriend of Alia Bhatt

Ask anyone who has even little understanding of Indian Cinema about the most promising actress currently who can become the no.1 in future. More often than not, Alia Bhatt will be the answer. It is not because she belongs to a top filmy family and has got some great projects in her initial days, but it is because of the fact that apart from a very beautiful face she is endowed with amazing acting skills. Her dialogue delivery is spontaneous and natural. In this article, we will discuss about the relationship of Alia Bhatt throughout her life.

Boyfriends of Alia Bhatt

In a recent interview with The Times of India, Alia Bhatt said that she is no saint. OK. The context was her relationship status, and whether she is currently single. She told that there is no time in her disposal for marriage, and currently she is single. However, she had two boyfriends in the school. Two? Yes, you heard it right. Alia had admitted it. She had once shared that it was in Class 6 when she had dated for the first time (at Coffee with Karan).

Alia Bhatt
The first boyfriend was Ramesh Dubey. He was a classmate of Alia from Jamnabai Narsee School. They used to date and were quite close. The relationship continued till 8th standard, when another man entered the life of Alia. That was Ali Dadarkar. In fact, Alia shared a close relationship with Ali. Yes, there is quite a similarity between these two names – Ali and Alia. After the completion of school, Ali went to London for further studies, and Alia remained here in India to pursue a career in the Bollywood. They tried to maintain the relationship, however distance took a toll. Then, Alia also became quite busy, and hence it became quite tough for her to maintain the relationship with someone living in a different time zone. They cordially decided to call off this relationship. They enjoyed life for quite long time, and had physical relationship.

Varun Dhawan was the third boyfriend of Alia Bhatt. They came closer during the shooting of Students of the Year. They knew each other before. I must mention here that when they were hooking up – none of them were single. It means, both of them were, in a way, cheating to someone. However, this relationship also took a turn in the wrong direction when Varud decided to return to Sweta (his long time love) and Alia decided to enjoy life, give time to work without being in a relationship.

Alia Bhatt
However, that was not what Alia had wanted to happen. Soon, she found Arjun Kapoor quite handsome and worth dating with. Arjun sister is a close friend of Alia, and she made it possible for her to befriend Arjun closely. She participated in the birthday bash of Arjun Kapoor, and then went to see a movie along with him. It is said that both of them are spending lots of quality time together – all alone. In the same interview with The Time of India, Alia had said that she finds both Arjun and Varun quite handsome. Reading the interview, I thought that she is quite confused about these two handsome guys.

The current status of Alia Bhatt is single, officially. However, she seems to have found another man.
Siddharth Malhotra: Alia Bhatt recently said that Siddharth is a 'husband material'. There is quite a hot discussion going around on the Internet about the relationship of Siddharth and Alia Bhatt. There is no denying that Alia will not marry Siddharth. Like many of her boyfriends, she will be a pass time.

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