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Shalini Talwar: Wife of Honey Singh

Honey Singh needs no introduction in India. In a short span of time, he has become one of the most successful music personalities of India. He is basically an Indian rapper specializing in Punjabi music. However, his popularity has crossed all linguistic boundaries. You can find innumerable ardent followers of Honey Singh even among South Indians. He has even made a formidable place in the Bollywood. Who can forget his stunning musical performances in Chennai Express, Cocktail and Boss, among others? He is quite versatile as you can find him at ease when he is singing, composing music, producing films, writing songs or making a live stage show.

It is nothing short of a rude paradox that despite being so popular in India and abroad, the personal life of Honey Singh remained under curtain. Even the news of his marriage was not disclosed publicly. Honey Singh himself denied reports of his marriage. It is said that he was concerned about his popularity among teenage girls. He thought that when girls will came to know about his marriage, they may not remain such loyal followers of his music.

Wife of Honey Singh

Honey Singh was married on January 23, 2011 with Shalini Talwar. The marriage was done according to Sikh rituals. It was a family affair where some close friends also participated. Only one professional photographer was there – Mr. Vinod Kumar. Neither Honey Singh nor any of his family members told anything about the marriage outside the circle. However, Vinod Kumar (photographer) had saved some pictures, and uploaded them on the Internet. God knows why he did something so unprofessional. However, the news about the marriage soon becomes one of the most read items on the Internet. Honey Singh came forward and told in an interview to the Hindustan Times that he is not married. He further told the media that the pictures being shared on the social media websites are from a movie shooting. That’s it.

Honey Singh Admitted of Married Shalini Talwar

Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar Getting Married Image Courtsey: Hindustan Times

In September, 2013, Honey Singh gave an interview to Zee News. In that interview, he publicly admitted about the fact that he is married. He further told that hiding this vital fact about his personal life was quite important to retain his popularity among girls. So, now it’s official – Honey Singh is Married to Shalini Talwar

Honey Singh Shalini Talwar Love Story

Beautiful Shalini Talwar, Wife of Honey Singh

As you might know, Honey Singh was born in Hoshiyarpur, Punjab. However, his family soon shifted base to New Delhi. He was admitted in a public school located in Punjabi Bagh. Shalini Talwar was also a student of this school. Both of them became quite close friend. Over time they started to date. After the completion of his schooling, Honey Singh went to London to complete a course in Music. However, he didn’t forget Shalini. The couple remained in contact. And, when he became one of the most popular celebrities of India, he decided to marry Shalini. You can detist him for hiding his marriage, but you have to admire him for being loyal to his girlfriend even after becoming so popular.

Shalini has also supported Honey Singh in his struggle against drugs abuse. He fought bravely and said to have won - he is no more a victim of substance or drugs abuse. The credit must also be given to Shalini for such a miracle.


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