Girlfriend and Wife of Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma has no competition today in India as far as the arena of stand up comedy is concerned. He is the most popular and followed comedian of contemporary times. His performances in Comedy Circus and Laughter Challenge had made him popular, and now his own show Comedy Nights with Kapil has made him a household name. It is said that even celebrities never miss any shows of Comedy Nights with Kapil. Naturally, his show has also become the best ground for any celebrity to promote new films.

If you take a look at various attributes which make a charming personality, you will always find sense of humor at the top of the table. Girls like sense of humor more than even look. Since Kapil Sharma is gifted with such an amazing sense of humor, it is natural that Indian Girls are keen to know more about him. There are some reports in the media which says that Kapil Sharma is married. No, Kapil Sharma is yet to get a wife. He is bachelor, and widely considered as one of the most eligible bachelor of India.

Girlfriend of Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma was born and brought up in Amritsar. His father was one of the most admired police officers of the Punjab Police. His mother was a simple and happy-go-lucky type of woman.

After doing schooling from Amritsar, Kapil came to Chandigarh for high studies. He joined Khalsa College, Chandigarh for graduation. It is said that he was the most famous guy of the college. He had joined a theater group while in college, and used to participate in almost all cultural programs. In fact, the college administration had started many programs just to ensure that Kapil Sharma participate in them.
At this stage, Kapil Sharma had a serious relationship. One of his classmates, Ms. Shruti proposed him. He was already most popular student of the college. However, due to various reasons, Kapil rejected this proposal. Though they became close friends. When Kapil won his first grand prize in the field of theater, he accepted the proposal of Shruti. They started to date. It is said that girls used to envy Shruti as she was the girlfriend of the most famous guy of the college.

Kapil Sharma was planning to go to Mumbai. He was looking forward for a career in the Bollywood. Shruti joined McDonald’s in Jalandhar as a Sales Executive, and she requested Kapil to come to Jalandhar. Kapil also thought it better to first sharpen skills then go to Mumbai. He joined Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar. After the completion of the course, Kapil went to Mumbai. The world was quite harsh there at Mumbai. He had to struggle. He couldn't even return to Punjab. He was not able to even contact Shruti for quite some time. In the meantime, Shruti got married with a wealthy businessman in Jalandhar.

Kapil Sharma Second Girlfriend

Kapil started to get some platform as a comedian. He worked hard and even forgot Shruti. His performances in many shows on national entertainment channels made him a face to recognize with. Meanwhile, during the course of comedy shows, he came closer to Preety Simoes. She was quite sympathetic to Kapil. Also she had few strong connections in Mumbai. She used them and helped Kapil. There is no denying that much of the success that Kapil has is because of Preeti. In Mumbai, you need platform, only then you can show your potential. It is said that Kapil and Preeti started to enjoy live-in relationship. Kapil proposed Preeti which she accepted.

Kapil Sharma started K9 Production, and Preeti is the production head of this company. She is not only helping him in producing timely punches, but also professionally managing the shows. Let's hope, they will take forward this relationship for life.


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