Is Nirmal Baba a Fraud?

Nirmal Baba has become one of the most controversial and also popular spiritual leaders of India. His on-the-spot solutions for real life problems in Nirmal Darbar have made him a house hold name. He was under media scrutiny in 2012 for all the wrong reasons. First, he sent defamation notices against anyone who had criticized him. Second, his burgeoning wealth, he claimed to have a turnover of more than 100 Crore Rupees, and ‘stupid’ solutions made people ponder over his business tactics.

Nirmal Baba Background

Nirmal Baba was born in Patiala in a Namdhari Sikh family. His family soon shifted to Palamu, Jharkhand. After studying from local institutions, he started a business of brick kiln. That was a failure. Later he did many businesses in Jharkhand, and was failed in all. His brother in law Mr. Namdhari Singh is a well-known politician of Jharkhand. He is married to Sushma Narula.

Is Nirmal Baba Fake?

Nirmal Baba says that he is endowed with some divine power. When news reporters ask him how he can cure any disease even cancer (as he provides on the spot solution), he just said that it is the work of SHAKTI.

Here are some reasons which make him quite suspicious:

1. Huge Wealth: Nirmal Baba is no more a small businessman from Jharkhand. Though, he is still a businessman, running an empire from Delhi. He is earning more than Rs. 100 Crore per year. There is nothing available in the public domain about this money. Further, he is also investing in real estate businesses. He has already few flats in Delhi in posh areas, like Qutub Enclave in South Delhi. He had recently bought a hotel in Nehru Place, which is currently named as Nirmal Boutique. Here is a spiritual leader, who is openly asking people to send money to his accounts, only to invest in real estate businesses.

2. Entry into Samagam: Nirmal Baba organizes samagams, which is also known as Nirmal Darbar, in various cities. If you want to participate in these samagams, you are required to send them Rs. 2000. Further, in the samagams, Nirmal Baba keeps asking people to send Dasvand (10% of your earnings) to some religious institutions. He doesn’t say that devotees should send Dasvand to him. However, there is no prize in guessing that where his followers are sending Dasvands. Further, there is quite a tough process even after you send money to them for entry into samagams, like asking for Orginal Identity Card. As you might know, there are still 40% people in India who do not own any form of I card. Will Nirmal Baba never see 40% people of India?

3. Divine Power: If Nirmal Baba is really gifted with divine power, why doesn’t he first solve many problems of India? Is there any secret about the wide spread poverty and other real life problems that the people of India in particular, and the entire humanity in general facing?

4. You Need Money to Get Blessings: Here is a spiritual guru who will love you only if you can pay him. There is no way that you can get his blessings without paying him. Though, he claims that the Nirmal Baba shows are a way to reach those people who can’t pay. However, you should remember that these shows are not a way to reach needy people, but is a way to reach those people who can pay him. Nirmal Darbar is nothing, but an advertisement.

5. Placebo Effect: Nirmal Baba preys on your insecurity. When you are in problems, you will naturally try to find out some way out. And, at those moments, you see an advertisement of Television. You thought it better to give it a try. You send him money, and participated in a samagams. You returned from Samagams, and thought that something good is going to happen with you. Nature loves symmetry. Something nice may or may not happen with you. If the result is positive, you started to think that it is Nirmal Baba who saved you. If 100 people participated in the Nirmal Darbar, 15 people are certainly going to see good results. That is not because of Nirmal Baba, but that is because of the rule of the nature.


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