Anandi Ben Patel: Husband and Family

Narendra Modi has chosen Anandi Ben Patel to succeed him as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. It is this post which has propelled Mr. Modi as the Prime Minister of India. One can imagine the importance and the responsibility that is attached with this post. I will say that the CM of the Gujarat is the most important chief ministerial post of India. The reason, as you may know, is quite obvious. Anandi Ben will also be the first women CM of Gujarat, and longest serving MLA of the state. With her hard work and dedication, she has developed an image of no-nonsense and a woman of high standards.

Iron Lady of Gujarat

Anandi Ben’s entry into the politics is a matter of great co-incidence. Two young girls were drowning. AnandiBen, their teacher, didn’t think a second and took a plunge into the river. She saved both girls. This incident made her famous. BJP leaders in Gujarat contacted her and requested her to join the party. After few months, she finally joined BJP. Since then, there had been burgeoning rise of her political career. She is also termed as the Iron Lady of Gujarat. She was the only women in 1992 BJP’s Ekta Yatra to unfurl Tricolor in Srinagar.

Family of Anandi Ben Patel

Anandi Ben Patel was married to Mafatbhai Patel. Though, the couple is no more living together, they still respect each other deeply. Before the General Election, 2014, there was news of Mafatbhai joining AAP, but later rejected the idea thinking that his action may be detrimental to the political career of his wife. You can still see Anandi Ben using all signs of Hindu married women – vermillion and mangalsutra – even though she is separated with Mafatbhai.

Anandi Ben and Mafatbhai belong to a wealthy Leuva Patel community. The marriage of this community used to be lavish one. However, Mafatbhai decided to do it in a modest ways. He wore a chappal and walked to the village of Anandi Ben. When Mafatbhai saw Anandi wearing 18 tolas of gold jewelry, he refused to get married. After little bit of drama, Anandi put away all jewelry and only when marriage ceremony could be started.

Anandi Ben has one son and one daughter – Sanjay and Anar Patel. Anandi Ben occasionally meets Mafatbhai at Sanjay home. Both Sanjay and Anar maintain cordial relation with both Anandi and Mafatbhai.

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