New Boyfriend of Sussanne Roshan (Khan)

In 2001, Hrithik Roshan had suddenly become a national sensation. He was soon dubbed as the most eligible bachelor of India, ahead of Rahul Gandhi. His first film Kaho Na Pyar Hai was a super hit. He was most popular among Indian girls. However, he married Sussanne Khan, the daughter of Sanjay Khan, within one year of the release of his first film. The chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne was so amazing, that even ardent female fans of Hrithik wished them good luck. The couple was gifted with two cute boys. It seems that the family life of Roshan family was going to be on the right track forever.

Hrithik and Sussanne were considered as a model couple of the Bollywood till 2009. There was no news in the media about any problems between them. Hrithik had changed his film selection policy and became an actor to be taken seriously. However, in 2009, the first problem started with Barbara Mori. Hrithik was said to be hooked with Ms. Mori. Later, he was separated with Mori and his marriage with Sussanne remained intact.

The real havoc came in 2014 when Hrithik all of a sudden announced that Sussanne has decided to leave him. They are no more a married couple. Sussanne doesn’t want to be in relationship with Hrithik. This was quite shocking. Later Sussanne also confirmed this news and requested privacy. 

Is Sussanne a Single?

Sussanne is the mother of two boys. She was in a married life for more than a decade. She is already touching 40. What about her personal life post Hrithik Roshan? There is no doubt that she is still quite close to her two sons. But, is she seeing someone, or planning to remain single?

Hrithik and Sussanne during happy days Image Courtsey: Filmfare

The answer is quite simple. She is definitely not planning to remain single for the entire life. She left Hrithik because of an affair which someone Hrithik came to know. 

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal is said to be the prime reason behind this divorce. He was quite close to Sussanne Roshan. His wife Mehak was also a close friend of Sussanne. However, over time, Arjun and Sussanne came too close. They started to date. It is said that Hrithik caught them red handed making love. He was furious, but didn’t do anything fearing media trial. He gave Sussanne an ultimate to leave Arjun as soon as possible. But, Sussanne couldn’t do that. When Hrithik was in the USA for treatment, Sussanne and Arjun decided to go ahead. Sussanne called Hrithik and told her plan. She also met Rakesh Roshan and told her everything and her desire to end the marriage. 

However, when separation was announced everything got changed. The entire Bollywood was sympathetic to Hrithik Roshan. They were not able to digest a fact that his wife is quitting him in a tough phase. He was under treatment in the USA when told about this news. High profile people in the Bollywood started to question Arjun Rampal. Mehak was also not ready to end the marriage. Rampal thought that his relationship with Sussanne may lead to the ending of his career in the Bollywood. He met Sussanne and told her that they can’t go ahead. He advised her to sort out differences with Hrithik. 

Sussanne is currently single. She left Hrithik for Arjun Rampal. And, Arjun Rampal left her or his career. She is quite confused now. Many Bollywood celebrities are trying to again bring Hrithik and Sussanne closer. However, Hrithik is not ready. Sussanne is not planning to remain single. She is looking forward for someone in her life.


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