Priyanka Gandhi Going to Divorce Robert Vadra

It is said that only thing that Sonia Gandhi shows as an Indian woman is the desire to see her son touch the sky, more than her daughter. Nothing else can justify her stubbornness to propel Rahul Gandhi as a Prime Ministerial candidate when the entire Congress supporters see Priyanka as worthy of it. Many see Priyanka Gandhi as the future Prime Minister from Congress, not Rahul Gandhi. The dismal performance of Congress in the 2014 General Election, where it could not even touch the mark of 50, has only given force to the demand of leadership of Priyanka Gandhi. In the election, Priyanka Gandhi did campaigning only in Amethi and Rai Bareilli, and these are only two seats out of 80 that Congress could win from UP. Further, people see that to challenge a natural and performing leader Narendra Modi congress needs something else…not a reluctant leader like Rahul Gandhi. 

But, the biggest problem on the path of Priyanka4PM is none other than her husband Robert Vadra. He is constantly in news since November 2012 when Arvind Kejriwal had launched AAP by leveling some serious charges against him. Then, Ashok Khemka, one of the most honest IAS officers that India ever saw, took the battle against Robert Vadra suspicious land deals in Haryana. Robert Vadra is still out of laws of the land. It will be seen how BJP Governments in Rajasthan and Center will deal with his suspicious dealings. 

Robert Vadra a Hurdle for Priyanka Vadra?

Whatever might be the outcome of investigation against Robert Vadra, one thing is quite certain and obvious. If Congress will propel Priyanka Gandhi to lead the battle against Narendra Modi in 2019 General Election, Robert Vadra will be a problem for her. He will give her opposition a readymade recipe to attack her. It will be even quite tough for her to defend his deals. What I am writing here is no my views. It is thinking of majority of not only Congress, but also BJP supporters. And, there is no denying that Congress supporters are seeing to her as a strong icon to fight against the powerful Modi. 

Further, Priyanka is also said to be quite irritated with lifestyle of Robert Vadra. She was attracted towards him, as available in the public domain, because of his down-to-earth lifestyle, dancing skills, confidence and straight forward talk. But, she is finding a man who is hiding facts from her. In fact, she has sensed that Robert is using Gandhi family name to clear big land deals. Priyanka is said to be not attracted towards accumulating property. In fact, Robert Vadra had once said that politics is in the blood of Priyanka and business is in his blood.  

Will Priyanka Gandhi Divorce Robert Vadra

There is lots of grapevine in the media about the possible separation between Robert Vadra and Priyanka Gandhi. In fact, the couple started to live separately from June 2013. Priyanka shifted her base from Gurgaon to 10, Janpath, and Robert Vadra also shifted his base for around two months in Hotel Hilton, near Select City Walk, Saket.
It is said that Rahul Gandhi interfered and convinced Priyanka to align relationship with Robert. He also told her that their divorce or simple separation may have some adverse relationship on the prospects of Congress party in 2014 General Election. Priyanka accepted this line of thinking, and she even defended her husband during campaigning in Amethi. Further, she is quite close to her two sons and doesn’t want them to be involved in any legal battle.

However, decision needs to be taken. Sonia Gandhi is also aware of the importance of Priyanka Gandhi without Robert Vadra. There is wide perception among voters that Rober Vadra is quite corrupt. It is also one of the many reasons of historic lows of Congress in 2014 General Election. Modi used the word ‘Damaad Sarkar’ many times referring suspicious business practices of Robert Vadra.

It is widely believed that Priyanka Vadra is going to divorce Robert in 2014, or early 2015. The family is discussing this possibility. There is huge pressure from Congress workers. The only problem is her children.

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