Sania Mirza to Divorce Shoaib Malik

Tennis gave Sania Mirza instant popularity. But, it was her glamorous look which propelled her name into a celebrity. She is known for her looks and physical features more than her performance in the Tennis court. Though, she remained highest ranked Indian women Tennis player for around one decade. 

Sania Mirza was born to Mr. Imran and Naseema Mirza in Mumbai on 15th November, 1986. Her father Imran Mirza was a well-known sports journalist. However, the family soon shifted to Hyderabad, where Sania Mirza was brought up. Sania Mirza started to get Lawn Tennis training while she was only 6 years old. Her father Imran Mirza was her first coach. She started her professional career in 2003. That was the year when entire Indian media noticed her. Within months of starting career, she became famous for her looks. She was so beautiful and sexy that gossip writers kept on looking for an opportunity to add her name to somebody. Her name was even added up with Irfan Pathan. 

Marriage with Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza had a boyfriend named Sohrab Mirza. They were seeing each other since 2004. Both families were ready for married. The engagement of Sania and Sohrab happened in 2009. However, destiny had something else in the store. Sania met Shoaib Malik, a Pakistani cricketer, in Dubai and they liked each other. The friendship turned into serious relationship. She broke her engagement with Sohrab. 

Mirza family announced her marriage to Shoaib Malik. This became one of the hottest topics of the Indian subcontinent. Indian men started to discuss in a retaliatory manner. They thought that Sania has cheated them. Pakistanis were elated. However, suddenly a girl came out and said that Shoaib Malik is already married to her. Shoaib had to divorce the girl before marrying Sania Mirza. 

Sania Mirza to Divorce Shoaib Malik

People in Pakistan had said at the time of the marriage that Sania should become a Pakistani to save the marriage. Sania Mirza was adamant to retain her Indian identity and citizenship. In fact, she had clearly said it to Shoaib before marriage, which he had accepted. However, the history of celebrity marriage between Indian and Pakistani says something else. An example is Reena Roy and Mohsin Khan. They couldn’t save their marriage because of the boundary and geographical difference.

The same is happening with Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik. It seems the distance is taking a toll on their relationship. They are not in a position to maintain the fire of love that they used to feel four years back. 

Shoaib Malik and his family are trying to convince Sania to shift her base to Pakistan. Even they are ready for the couple residing in Dubai. In fact, Sania and Shoaib used to stay in Dubai for first two years. Now, Sania has shifted her base to Indian from Dubai. She is giving too much time to her Tennis Academy in Hyderabad. It is not possible for Shoaib Malik to get Visa constantly from the Indian embassy. They are living with a distance. The communication gap between them is only increasing. 

It is said that Sania has not met Shoaib in 2014. There is quite a high probability that she will finally take a call to divorce Shoaib Malik. The Islamic law doesn’t give so much freedom to a woman. However, Sania will use Indian law to divorce Shoaib because the personal laws here are quite lenient. The Mirza family fears that Shoaib may use Sharia law of Pakistan to hinder this divorce. Since the marriage was done in both India and Pakistan, the issue will certainly come to the fore. Currently, the two families are talking to mutually handle this sensitive issue.

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