How to Use Climax Spray

Climax Spray is nothing short of a miracle medicine/spray for those men who, because of various reasons, are not able to continue to the physical relationship with their partners for optimum amount of time. There is no denying that Climax Spray may also have some long term side effects, but it is definitely useful for innumerable men.
Climax Spray ensures that a man can last longer than what their usual time in making physical relationship; this in turn may lead to complete satisfaction for him and his partner, apart from ensuring that his partner gets orgasm. It is not a secret that a woman takes little bit more time to get orgasm, or to get completely satisfied. Complete and satisfying intimacy is the backbone for any relationship between men and women. Climax Spray can help those men to enjoy relationship.

According to one data, Climax Spray is the most popular sexual wellness product in India. However, it is also quite surprising that majority of users of Climax Spray use it in completely wrong way. I must write here that using it in a wrong way may not lead to some serious side effects, but it will definitely not allow them to get the result what they are looking forward to.

How to Use Climax Spray

The first thing, which may seem to be quite redundant, is to shake the Climax Spray bottle well. You should remember that shaking the bottle for few times is quite necessary to ensure good results from this spray.

Now, press the nozzle over the tip of your private part. Remember, you should not use the spray on the outer skin of your private part. Just spray it on the tip. Naturally, you are required to be in ‘excited state’ to use this product. You are also required to use the spray from a distance of 5 to 10 cm.

Use the spray for maximum of five times and minimum three times. You should never overuse it.

The manufacturer of Climax Spray doesn't say anything about the time you should wait before going for penetration. For example, should you use the spray just before entering into your partner, or should you wait for a bit? It varies from person to person. You can check it easily. Use the spray at various times and see when the perfect time is for you. For majority of users, Climax Spray works best when they penetrate 10 to 15 minutes after using the spray. I would suggest you to use the spray and then go for little bit of fore playing. After that you may go for penetration.


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    1. You are gay ,all you want to see is hard dicks .

  2. Can I use condom after sorry

  3. Someone can help me ?? I want to know if can I use the spray wen my sick is hard??? Or wen soft??

  4. I used 2 times no improvement in sex Dont buy total waste of money


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