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Dr. Narayana Murthy Cancer Treatment: Personal Experience

It is said that cancer, if detected in benign state can be cured, or in some cases the growth of the tumor can be contained for years. However, if it is detected in advanced stage, not much can be done. The available treatment options for cancer, particularly in developing countries like India, is pathetic. Even in a big hospital like Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH) you will see the pain inflicted on the poor soul. Chemotherapy may be a good option in some cases, but in majority of situation it only makes the life of the patient miserable.

 In this context, it is quite heartening to note that there are some doctors in India who treat cancer effectively. One of them is Dr. Vidya  Narayana Murthy of Narsipura. You might be surprised to hear this name. Isn't Narayan murthy is the doyen of Indian Information Technology industry? Yes, he is. But, I am talking about a doctor who is more than 70 year old, and who is treating patients suffering from cancer and diabetes, among others since three decades.

Dr. Narayana Murthy doesn't charge a single penny for the treatment or medicine. However, you can donate there if you wish. It shows that he is not doing this to make money. Actually, you will find many doctors and quacks claiming to find treatment for cancer. Dr. Narayana Murthy is not like them. His treatment methodology is also quite simple. The treatment is available on Tuesday and Sunday. If you are a new patient, you need to be there on Tuesday. The treatment is done on first-come-first-serve basis. Hence, be ready to stand in the queue. Further, you are not required to take patient there. Anyone who is staying with the patient can go there with reports and medical history.

Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

As I have mentioned earlier, chemotherapy is nothing short of a slow death. I admit that in some cases it works wonderfully. But, not in all cases! For example, take the case of Glioblastoma Grade IV brain tumor. There is no cure of this disease in the convention medicine. If one is diagnosed, he/she is termed as dead. Death on Diagnosis! The treatment option is surgery followed by Radiation and Chemotherapy (Temozolomide). If a patient follows this route, he may survive for few more months, in some cases up to 2-3 years. But, at the same time, he doesn't remain the same person. This is not a treatment, friend. This is a slow death. Side effects of surgery, radiation and Temozolomide are too much to bear with. If the patient is also taking Dexamethasone to control brain swelling, his/her life becomes like hell.

Fortunately, a patient will not have to bear with so many side effects with Dr. Narayana Murthy treatment. The entire treatment process is simple and done with ayurvedic medicines. There is no denying that it works even in advanced cancer cases.

Can Dr. Narayana Murthy Cure Cancer?

This is quite a tough question. My experience with his treatment isn't too much promising. But, I would like to tell you that my patient survived for more than four years (he was given six months life by one of the biggest hospitals of North India). I should also give credit to Dr. Prasanta Banerji for this miracle. When you see death in the corner, four years is priceless. Anyone will admit this. But, even more priceless is the fact that the patient remains conscious and under complete control throughout this span of time.

So, if the cancer in advanced stage (metastatic or Grade IV GBM), there is very little possibility of complete cure. However, if the patient is in benign stage, there will be quite a bright chance of complete cure. In any case, you can give this treatment.
Dr. Narayana Murthy Treatment with Conventional medicine.

You should not continue with Dr. Narayana Murthy treatment while your patient is going ahead with chemotherapy. After the completion of chemotherapy, you may start the treatment.

What is Dr. Narayanamurthy Treatment?

As I have written above, the entire treatment process is quite simple. After reviewing your reports and medical history, you will be given some tee bark. You will be required to take little amount of bark and rub it with some amount of honey. Make a paste and take it daily after your morning breakfast. Don’t take it in empty stomach. Report to Dr. Narayana Murthy about your condition after taking his medicine for continuous 27 days. At this stage, he will decide about your long term treatment plan.


Important Information:

If you are a cancer patient, care giver or survivor, I recommend you to go through a book titled Anti Cancer: A New Way of Life. This book is available on Amazon India with free delivery and cash on delivery option. The cost is only Rs. 270. This book will help you to understand the importance of diet in fight against cancer. It will immensely help you to learn about everything you eat in tackling the monster disease. Click this link


How to reach Narasipura

First you are required to come to Bangalore. From there take bus to Shimoga. You will find many buses. After that, you need to travel to Anandapura, which is 50 km away from Shimoga. Ask anyone in Anandapura about Narasipura. By the way, it is 8 km away from Anandapura on the same road (an Indian Oil Petrol pump will be a landmark). You can also reach Shimoga by train from bus.

Dr. Narayana Murthy Treatments

Apart from cancer, Dr. Vidya Narayana Murthy also gives treatment to heart, kidney and diabetes patients. However, he is famous throughout India for giving stunning results as far as cancer is concerned. 


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