i Pill: Review, Side Effects and How to Use

i-Pill is the most selling morning after or Emergency Pill of India. It is the first Emergency pill to be launched in India, and hence it has comprehensively retained its first position in the market. It was initially launched by Cipla, but later Piramal bought this brand. During its initial days, Cipla had done some innovative marketing to make it a household name.

There is no denying that i-Pill has become quite popular, and teenage girls are using it without thinking about possible consequences. The Health Ministry of the Government of India had also issued a warning against indiscriminate use of i-Pill or other emergency contraceptive pills like Unwanted 72.

Teenage girls should always try their best to avoid the use of this pill. And, it is also quite necessary for male to always use some form of precautions so that the use of this pill doesn’t become necessary.

In many western countries it is necessary to have prescription to get emergency contraceptive pill. However, because of some obvious reasons, Indian Government always kept it in Over-the-Counter category.

Side Effects of i-Pill

Following are some of the possible side effects of using i-Pill:

-         Nausea
-         Headache
-         Mood Swinging
-         Lower Abdominal Pain
-         Dizziness
-         Real bleeding during periods, and in some rare cases excessive bleeding
-         Weight Fluctuations, can go to any direction
-         Vomiting
-         Irregular Periods

Remember, the above mentioned side effects are not going to happen with all women. These are just possible side effects. You may not feel any. Further, these side effects can happen only with random users. If you are habitually using i-Pill or any other contraceptive pill, you need to get ready for some serious long term side effects. Use it only in the case of EMERGENCY… that is also its name Emergency Pill. Many habitual users of Emergency Pills have reported a problem named Ectopic Pregnancy.

Never Misuse i-Pill

There is no denying that it is always better for any women to swallow an i-Pill rather than go for abortion. Needless to say, this is quite a useful pill. However, always remember to never misuse it.

How to Use i-Pill

It is quite clear that you should take this pill within the span of 72 hours after having unprotected physical relationship. You are also required to remember that taking the pill as soon as possible will help you to avoid any possibility of unwanted pregnancy. For example, if you take this pill within 12 hours of relationship, your safety level is up to 98%. For 12 – 24 hours, it is 85%. For 24 – 48 hours, it is 72%. And for 48 – 72 hours, it is 58%. You can easily see that even after taking this pill, you are not 100% safe. However, if you take it just after making unprotected relationship, you are almost safe.

The manufacturer of i-Pill says that there is no age bar. However, if you will ask any reputed gynecologist, you will know that girl below the age of 25 years should not take it. But, if you are in some emergency situation, you should use it as going for abortion is not wanted.


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