Kajol to Divorce Ajay Devgn

Nothing is permanent in the life of a celebrity. That is all the more relevant as far as their personal life is concerned. The proof is some of the most shocking and unbelievable break ups that have happened recently in the Bollywood. Who would have thought that Hrithik and Susanne who were blessed with two cute sons will get separated with no specific reason in sight? Similar is the case of Aamir Khan – Reena and Saif – Amrita Singh break ups. Now, tie your belt for another shocking that is going to happen in the Bollywood in 2014.

Kajol to Divorce Ajay Devgn

YES. You read it right. This is a confirm news that Kajol is going to be separated with Ajay Devgn. Some formalities like the care taking of their two children – Nysa and Yug – are being formalized. The separation is going to happen in 2014.

This is not a grapevine. This is quite a hot debate among celebrities. However, they are not in the mood of talking about it on camera. They will share their opinions only when the break up will formally happen.

Ajay Devgn with Kajol

Why Kajol is Divorcing Ajay Devgn

The call of separation came from none other than Kajol. Ajay Devgn and his family are still trying to convince her. However, she is in no mood of getting a step back. Kajol is irked with Ajay Devgn ever since he started to share close relationship with Kangana Ranaut. At that point of time, somewhere in 2010-11, Ajay Devgn convinced her to not ‘call it a day’ and leave Kangana Ranaut. But, the sore point in the heart of Kajol remained.

When Kajol signed My Name is Khan with Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgn was completely disappointed. He tried to persuade her to not go ahead with this film. He was not comfortable to see Kajol working with SRK. But, Kajol didn’t relent. She went ahead and did the film. For the shooting of the film, she had to stay away from the country. As you might know, the majority of the shooting for My Name is Khan was done in the USA. Kajol even didn’t take her Nysa (Yug was not born then) with her. It was Ajay Devgn and his family who took care of Nysa. It is said that Ajay’s father Veeru Devgan strongly disapproved this decision. She even ignored her pregnancy during the shooting and the promotion of the film (their son Yug was born on 13th September, 2010).

The relationship continued to remain on the same line since then. When Ajay Devgn decided to release his film ‘Son of Sardar’ on the same day that of ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’, Aditya Chopra talked with Kajol and requested her to convince Ajay to release the film one week later. Kajol is said to have talked with Ajay regarding this. She told him that as a tribute to Yash Raj Chopra, he should postpone the release of this film. But, Ajay didn’t give any heed to her suggestions. He went ahead with the release date, and Kajol’s personal rapport with entire Yash Raj Films team, including Aditya Chopra, took a beating.

That was the culmination point. Since last two years, the relationship between Kajol and Ajay is not good. It is said that Kajol is there with Ajay Devgn only because of her two children. Now, she is trying her best to keep both Nysa and Yug with her post-divorce.
It should be noted here that Ajay had married Kajol in 1999, after four years of affair. The couple started to see during the production of their film HulChul (1995).


  1. Such a stupid post ! Ajay"ll also produce a movie for his dear wife after Dilwale....Don"t spread such bullshit non-sense !!!

  2. sayang nga talaga pinagsamahan nila...pero ok lang idol ko pa rin c kajol

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  4. My best couple is Ajay Devgan and Kajol Devgan ....Please Kajol dont go away from Ajay ...he is the best husband, superhero, talented, lovely father and much ....much ...much more.


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