Pankaja Munde: Husband and Family

Pankaja Munde is known to be one of the most promising leaders of Maharashtra. She is just 34 years old and political pundits have started to see her as the future Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

She belongs to a prominent political family of Maharashtra. She is the daughter of Late Gopinath Munde and niece of Late Pramod Mahajan. The family has seen lots of sad moments since last eight years. They have lost Pramod Mahajan, Praveen Mahajan and now Gopinath Munde. After the unfortunate and shocking demise of Gopinath Munde, the stature of Pankaja Munde has enhanced in the Maharashtra politics. There is not a semblance of doubt in the fact that Gopinath Munde was a great leader. If alive, he would have been the chief ministerial candidate of the BJP from Maharashtra.
Pankaja Munde has two more sisters – Pratima and Yashashari Munde. Pratima is a doctor and married to Gaurav Khade who is an IT professional. She doesn’t have any brother. Her mother’s name is Prandya Munde, sister of Pramod Mahajan.

Husband of Pankaja Munde

Pankaja Munde has done B.Sc and MBA from Mumbai. During her MBA she came into contact with Amit Pawle who was then doing Engineering. Both of them fell in love and decided to marry. Gopinath Munde was always supportive of his daughters and after talking with Amit he gave assent. Amit and Pankaja got married in 2001. They had a son named Aryaman in 2002.

After her marriage, Pankaja decided to not quit her maiden name. In fact, she used her husband’s maiden name with Munde. Since, her family doesn’t have any son; she decided to maintain the maiden name Mundey. She is known as Pankaja Munde- Pawle. She also did all rituals of her father, including lighting the pyre.

Political Career

Pankaja Munde is currently representing Parli Constituency in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. She entered the politics in 2009 after joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). She is also the state president of Bharatiya Janta Yuva Morcha in Maharashtra. People noticed Pankaja acumen during the 2009 General Election when she canvassed for her father Gopinath Munde. The way she tried to convince people were simply scintillating. Her oratory skill was brilliant. In that election, it was only Parli constituency where Gopinath Munde got lesser votes than his rival. And, as a challenge, Gopinath Munde asked Pankaja to fight from Parle. Yes, he chose a seat for his daughter which was never a bastion for the BJP. Even he couldn't win majority of votes from this seat. People who blamed Gopinath Munde of indulging in dynastic politics should look into this fact. Needless to say, Pankaja confidently won this seat. And, the way she handled politics after 2009 is simply incredible. She managed people of Beed/Marathawada during the sad demise of her father Gopinath Munde in a much matured way.


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  2. Is it compulsory to take the paitient along or we can go first with all the medical history?

  3. Is it compulsory to take the paitient along or we can go first with all the medical history?