Surrogate Mother of AbRam

Shah Rukh Khan has released the first picture of AbRam, his youngest son, on the auspicious occasion of Bakr-Id. The boy looks quite cute in the arms of SRK. The Indian social media started to share this picture. Soon, AbRam was among top ten trends on Twitter, where his picture was shared by SRK.

SRK and Gauri had two children – Aryan Khan and Suhana Khan. They were trying to have a third one. After trying for two years, they decided to adopt a child. At that time, Sohail Khan and Seema suggested them to go for IVF and have a child with the help of a surrogate mother. Yes, AbRam was not born through Gauri Khan. He was born through another woman – his surrogate mother. Sperm of SRK and Egg of Gauri was used for fertilization and then fetus was implanted into the uterus of another woman. The SRK family tried their best to hide the identity of the surrogate mother. Before disclosing about the identity, I would like to tell you that AbRam isn't the first celebrity child born through surrogate mother in Bollywood. As discussed above, Yohan, the son of Sohail Khan and Seema was also born through surrogacy. Azad, the son of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao was also born through the same technique. However, the issue of AbRam had become a national issue because of the alleged sex identification.
The controversy around the birth of AbRam has a very positive outcome. This led to wide media coverage and many people came to know about this concept of surrogacy. Hopefully, many more childless couple in India will use this method.

SRK with AbRam Khan

Surrogate Mother of AbRam

SRK is a celebrity. When he decided to opt for surrogacy, a major problem was finding the RIGHT woman. They were not in the mood of hiring professionals. They were looking for someone close to them. It is said that Gauri asked her brother for help, who in turn requested his wife to be the surrogate mother. Nothing official has ever been come out of the family, but it is believed that Namita Chibber, sister-in-law was the surrogate mother of AbRam.

During the seventh month of pregnancy, there were some problems. Namita was feeling quite uneasy and she had to be admitted in a hospital. Doctors diagnosed lots of issues and to save the life of Namita they had to go for delivery. AbRam was born prematurely. To protect the identity of Namita, SRK and his family kept the arrival of AbRam a secret. They only disclosed about it when Namita regained health and flied to London.

Namita’s husband didn't visit the hospital. SRK and Gauri were taking care of her. It is believed that her husband didn't come just to ensure that the identity of surrogate mother remained a secret. 


  1. Is it poti (grand daughter of Amitabh) of great hindustani super star of bollywood.

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  2. i dont care ,he is a very handsome boy and will grow up to be a very handsome manll


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