Husband of sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti created a sort of storm and much embarrassment to Mr. Narendra Modi government. She had made a comment in Delhi – choose between Ramjade and Haraamzaade – which was the center of this controversy. Even Narendra Modi had to ask for forgiveness in the Parliament.

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti is the MP from Fatehpur, UP. She was made a minister of state for Food Processing in the first cabinet expansion of the Modi government. She is considered as a fiery leader with a mass support among Mallah community.

Husband of Niranjan Jyoti

The maiden name of Niranjan Jyoti is Rajrani. As mentioned above, she belongs to the Mallah/Kevat community. Her parents were quite poor and they married her at the age of 11 years. Obviously, that was not the right time for a girl to get married. But, there was another problem. She was quite religious. She never went to school, but was able to recite the entire Bhagwatgita. Her knowledge at that age was mesmerizing.

Rajrani was married to Munshiram in Akbarpur ka Birbar village. Munshiram was a poor laborer. He couldn’t tackle the religious orientation of Rajrani. He decided to desert her.

Yes, Niranjan Jyoti’s (Rajrani) husband Munshiram deserted her.

However, at that time, the entire area was aware of her acumen as far as religion is considered. She came into contact with Swami Achyutananda who gave her Dakshina.
Sadhvi decided to remain single for the entire life and work for Hindu religion. She became quite close to VHP and RSS leaders. Later, she started to work for BJP, and the party trusted her with a responsibility of minister of state.

Did Munshiram miss her?

Munshiram is obviously wondering about the popularity and political clout of a woman whom he had deserted. Though, he said that he is proud of the achievement of Niranjan Jyoti. But, it is obvious that Munshiram and his entire family are cursing the day when they decided to desert a girl child.

As a matter of fact, Munshiram had once leveled the charge of adultery against Niranjan Jyoti. 


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