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Mukesh Ambani: Childhood, Education, Career and Marriage

Mukesh Ambani might have got a business empire. But, the way he has managed Reliance businesses after the demise of Dhiru Bhai shows his character. Lots of credit for Mukesh’ impeccable personalities and acumen goes to his upbringing. Dhiru Bhai kept on teaching both of his sons the values and ideals of life and how to remain always grounded. He is the eldest child of the family. He has seen the struggle of Dhiru Bhai. He has seen the life of Aden to Bhuleshwar and then Sea Wind in Mumbai.

Childhood of Mukesh Ambani

Dhiru Bhai was naturally quite busy when all of his four children were growing up. However, he ensures that there shouldn't be any void in the upbringing of all children. He taught them discipline and the values of knowledge. But, he never wanted to micro manage any of his children. In an interview, Mukesh had said that Dhiru Bhai never visited the schools of any of children. However, he always wanted for all-round development of kids.

Dhiru Bhai had never forgotten to take his children to village. In fact, all of his children used to stay in village for at least 15 days every year in Gujarat. It seems quite amazing in contemporary times. Further, Dhiru Bhai had hired a teacher for tuition at home. Here again, he had clearly asked the teacher to take nonacademic responsibility. The home tutor was expected to good at General Knowledge and should understand the importance of sports and films in the life of a growing kid.

When Mukesh was in high school, Dhiru Bhai started to teach him the lesson of businesses and entrepreneurship. Mukesh was expected to be at the head office of Reliance on every weekend.

Mukesh says that his upbringing makes a great impact on his current life. Here is one example; Mukesh always remained at home on Sunday to spend time with wife and children. He learned this lesson from none other than Dhiru Bhai who despite being so much busy was seen spending time with family on Sunday.

Eduation of Mukesh Ambani

As I have mentioned above, Dhiru Bhai never micro manage his children. This is all the relevant with their education. Mukesh Ambani had always been a bright student. While he was completing school education, Vimal had become a big textile brand. Everyone close to Dhiru Bhai had suggested him to ask Mukesh to do Chemical Engineering. But, Mukesh surprised all with his choice. He selected Chemical Engineering.

Mukesh Ambani cleared the IIT Entrance test. Yes, very few people in India are aware of this fact. He went to IIT Bombay and opted for Chemical Engineering.

However, he didn't like the then faculty of IIT as well as the syllabus. He decided to drop out. It may surprise you that Mukesh decided to leave IIT Bombay and went to the University Department of the Chemical Technology at Bombay University after Inter-Science result was out. Here again, Dhiru Bhai supported this surprising move.
After completing his Chemical Engineering course, Mukesh started to work for Reliance. He was, in fact, working for the company during the entire college period at the Bombay University.

But, there was a feeling in him that something is missing. He along with friends, started to appear in almost all competitive exams. You may be surprised to know that Mukesh has even appeared for Civil Services Exam, not to become a Civil Servant but to check where he stood. This is really interesting and shows the character of the man. He also applied for top three Universities of the USA and got a call letter from Stanford. He decided to join the MBA program at Stanford.

While in the last six months at Stanford, Mukesh Ambani planned to go for the World Bank’s Young Professional Program. He was very excited to join this program. He discussed it with Dhiru Bhai, who again supported him. However, Dhiru Bhai told him that he is going to start the work on the Polyester plant. Mukesh was quite interested for this plant since one year. He requested him to delay the program for one year, so that he can be involved with it. But, Dhiru Bhai refused to do so because the delay could have given an upper hand to his business rivals. Mukesh decided to quite the World Bank’s YPP plan, and joined Reliance. That was 1981. It was this year when Mukesh Ambani had formally joined Reliance.


As mentioned above, Mukesh Ambani joined Reliance in 1981. Dhiru Bhai kept him under Rasikbhai.

There is also an interesting tale about Mukesh career. While doing Chemical Engineering he was involved with the business of Reliance. One day when he went office at 2.30 PM after completing college, his office was raided. At that time, Dhiru Bhai was in the USA. It was Mukesh who handled the entire things without compromising with the motivation of employees.

In the Polyester business, the Chemical Engineering background of Mukesh came handy. However, he admitted that even with a degree, his knowledge was less than Dhiru Bhai and Rasik Bhai.

Mukesh Ambani also helped his father to manage finances, especially the public issues.


Mukesh Ambani marriage is also quite interesting. He never had a girlfriend. Dhiru Bhai and Kokila Ben were looking for a suitable match. One day, Dhiru Bhai was attending a program. He saw Nita performing a classical dance there. He asked for the phone number of Nita from the manager of the program and called on the number in the evening. After some confusion, Nita was asked to come to the house to see Mukesh. They became friends and one day Mukesh proposed Nita on a traffic signal.



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