Sex Scandal of Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Update: Another case of sexual molestation has come into public against Dr. Kumar Vishwas on 8th August. A woman has approached the Delhi Police alleging that Dr. Vishas had asked her for sexual favor.


Dr. Kumar Vishwas is the founding member of AAP and a close confidante of Arvind Kejriwal. He is known for his Hindi poetry. In the recent turmoil in AAP, he stood by Arvind Kejriwal and played a role in the ouster of Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav.

He was recently in news for being involved in a sex scandal. This is quite old issue which came into light only when the party is in trouble. May be some old foe of Dr. Kumar Vishwas thought it a perfect time to leak email communication of top AAP leaders.

Sex Scandal of Dr. Kumar Vishwas

Ajay Vohra is an AAP volunteer. He had sent an email to Arvind Kejriwal about Dr. Kumar Vishwas. In that email, he had said that Dr. Kumar Vishwas is having sex with AAP young female volunteers in Amethi. In fact, Dr. Vishwas was caught by none other than his wife Manju Sharma. His wife left Amethi and the party alleged that it is the administration which compelled his family to leave Amethi. According to one new source, Dr. Manju Sharma, Vishwas’ wife had also sent an email to Kejriwal about this sex scandal involving his husband.

It is a known fact that thousands of college girls have joined AAP and working as volunteers. Many of them went to Amethi during the last Lok Sabha election to campaign for Dr. Kumar Vishwas. It was during that time when Dr. Kumar Vishwas allegedly fucked girl volunteers and caught by Dr. Manju Sharma.

The name of the girl is not known, and hopefully will remain under cover.

According to AAP, this is nothing but a trick of BJP supporters to hit the party which is currently in problem because of many issues.

It would be interesting to see whether the party will send this issue also to the internal Lokpal or will just overlook this issue.


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