Sana Ganguli: Profile, Age and Boyfriend

If you are from Kolkata, you might have heard about Sana Ganguli. Yes, you though it correct. She is the daughter of ‘the prince of Kolkata’, Saurav Ganguli. Saurav Ganguli may have stopped playing cricket, but he has made a place in the heart of almost all Indians, not only Bengalis. And hence people are curious to know about the latest happenings of Ganguli family. Intruding personal lives of celebrity may not be ethical, but that is what people want to know.

Sana Ganguli with mother Dona

Profile of Sana Ganguli

Sana Ganguli was born in November, 2001. She started her education La-Maritiniere Girls School, Kolkata and later shifted to Loreto School. She is considered as a bright student of Loreto and the school principal in a frank interview told that they are expecting the girl to do it big in life. She is also equally efficient in extra curriculum activities. It should be noted here that Sana Ganguli had stolen the limelight with her performance as Lord Krishna when she was just 7 year old. She has also performed in many other functions. It is noteworthy here that her mother Dona Ganguli was also a student of Loreto.

Sana is quite good when it comes to classic dance. Like Dona, she has got quite a good expertise in Oddissi.

Saurav’s Biggest Gift

In many interviews, Saurav Ganguli had said that Sana is his biggest gift from God. He was expecting a daughter and the God was kind enough to do the same. The couple didn’t go for another child and Sana is their only child. You can understand the love Sana is getting from her parents.

Age of Sana Ganguli

There is no denying that Sana Ganguli will become one of the most desirable women of Kolkata in future. Many teenagers are still keen to know about her age.

Currently Sana is 14 year old. Her actual date of birth is 3rd November, 2001.
When Sana was born, Saurav Ganguli was on a tour to South Africa. His duty for India couldn’t make it possible to be in Kolkata at the time of delivery. The family was also asking him to continue serving the nation as the captain of the Indian cricket team.

Boyfriend of Sana Ganguli

Sana has many friend, both boys and girls. Naturally, she is the cynosure of all students of Loneto. She is also quite famous in the entire Behala area of Kolkata. She is quite close to one Arindam Sarkar.

Arindam’s family is close of Ganguli family and the closeness of Sana with Arindam may be because of this. Many youngsters of Kolkata feel that Sana is already in relationship with Arindam.

In all probability, that is not the case. Sana is single. And, there is no possibility of her being in a relationship of anyone at least for the next five years.

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