Kamlesh Tiwari, Hindu Mahasabha: Profile

Kamlesh Tiwari of UP is making all news these days for wrong reasons. This matured man made a serious mistake of 'abusing' Prophet Mohammed. In India, you can abuse Hindu Gods and become a rationalist. If you abuse Mohammed, you will be called a communal and people will demand death penalty for you. That is a secular India for all of us.

Profile of Kamlesh Tiwari

Kamlesh was born in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh in 1970. He was a Hindu activist ever since his school days. He used to take part in all Hindu possessions and rallies. While graduating from Law, he decided to give full time for Hinduism. He left study and started an organization named Hindu Tiger Force in Sitapur. He later decided to join Hindu Mahasabha and eventually became a national General Secretary. Previously, he was also associated with Bajrang Dal, and hence he can be termed as RSS person at some point of time. He has nothing to do with the BJP.

Kamlesh Tiwari, Hindu Mahasabha

Kamlesh is married to Kiran Tiwari. The couple has three sons and they reside in Lucknow. Kamlesh is currently in Jail for making that inflammatory speech and his family is under police protection.

Kamlesh had married Kiran when he was with Bajrang Dal. Kiran is also associated with the Hindu Mahasabha.

What Did Kamlesh Say?

In the midst of all these intolerance debate going on in India, Kamlesh had made that statement. Actually, Azam Khan had said that RSS leaders don’t get married because they are homosexual. That is not something worth answering. And, calling someone homosexual can’t be termed as an abuse. Further, Azam Khan was making statement against the RSS, not against any Hindu God.

Kamlesh is not associated with the RSS. Yet he decided to reply Azam Khan. He released a press statement and said that Prophet Mohammed was the first homosexual. What the heck!

Why should you need to take the name of Prophet Mohammed in reply to Azam Khan? You should remember that neither RSS is synonym with Hindu nor Azam Khan represents Islam. That was very idiotic statement.

But, what about all these protests? That is high level of intolerance shown by Indian Muslims. Kamlesh is already in jail and you people are demanding for his execution. His statement, again, can’t be termed as an abuse. Why are you making a star out of a non-existent entity like Kamlesh? Just think him like a useless fellow who had lost his mind.

Recently, more than 1 Lakhs Muslims were on Malda road in West Bengal. They torched one police station demanding the death penalty for Kamlesh Tiwari. Come on, you idiot people. West Bengal or Union Government has nothing to do with this case. Let Indian judiciary do its job. And, asking for death penalty is something mocking your own Prophet. If He was a God or a messenger of the All Mighty, as you say, He will never want to see someone getting death for this statement. 


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