Ishrat Jahan: Boyfriend and Family

Ishrat Jahan was a LeT terrorist who was killed in an encounter with Gujarat Police. However, that encounter became quite controversial. The UPA government was aware of the sentiment of Muslims of India and had used CBI to implicate Amit Shah and Narendra Modi, the then CM of Gujarat and the current Prime Minister of India.

According to David Headley, a jailed terrorist, Ishrat Jahan was a suicide bomber of LeT. In fact, just after the encounter of Isharat Jahan, LeT had put up her photo on the website calling her a proud Jehadi.

But, India is a strange country. For the sake of votes of Muslims, parties can compromise the security of the nation. Politicians like Nitish Kumar and Rahul Gandhi were pained because Isharat got failed. She could not do what she was expected to do.
Needless to say, Isharat Jahan was supposed to kill Narendra Modi.

The Case of Fake Encounter

Whether that was a fake encounter or not is another question. It is, in fact, just a political propaganda of anti national political parties. Nitish Kumar had even called Isharat Jahan as Bihar Ki Beti. In effect, he abused all Bihari girls.

Coming back to the case of encounter, what we should do with these terrorists? Should we keep them in jail and let them enjoy Biryani? Isn’t it better to just kill them – in a very cold blooded manner? What the fuck is all with sympathy of these politicians for terrorists?

The family of Isharat Jahan had called for the death penalty of ‘killers’. Isn’t it a matter of shame? No. Because, the family member of a terrorist have already got crores of Rupees from the Indian Government. It is done just to keep the sentiment of fear among Indian Muslims against Narendra Modi.

All politicians are aware of the fact that Hindu society is divided on caste lines. They just needed to ensure that Muslims remain united and vote en masse for them. For that, they need to keep telling Muslims that Modi is something to fear about. However, not a single act of Modi as prime minister can be said to be something like that. But, who cares?

Boyfriend of Isharat Jahan

This 19 year old girl was in touch with one Pranesh Pillai AKA Javed Gulam Sheikh. They were dating and planning to get married. Javed was an operative of LeT which wanted to recruit a well-educated young girl to kill Modi. Javed convinced Isharat Jahan to become one. He convinced her that the door to heaven is there if she becomes a suicide bomber. He took Isharat to various places. They used to stay in hotel together making sexual relationships. The family of Isharat Jahan was getting money and hence they had no problem if their daughter was having sex with her boyfriend.

And, as we all know, Gujarat Police tracked them and in a cross firing Javed, Isharat along with two other terrorists were killed.

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