O P Sharma, BJP: Profile, Family and Controversies

O P Sharma is a fiery and controversial BJP MLA of Delhi. He survived the AAP hurricane of 2015, when he was among only 3 opposition MLAs – BJP MLAs – in the 70 member Delhi Assembly. His victory was, in fact, quite shocking as no one had expected him to win from a Muslim dominated area of Delhi. He did that because of rare support for Congress among Muslims. He is an MLA from Vishwas Nagar constituency.

O P Sharma is also known for being quite close to Shri Arun Jaitely.

Profile of O P Sharma

O P Sharma was born in Bihar in 1953. His father Late Shiv Lal Sharma was a farmer. In 1960s, Shiv Lal Sharma decided to go to Delhi so that he can do some businesses as it was becoming tough for him to survive on the little land he had.
Shiv Lal Sharma came to Delhi and after working for few years as a manual labor, he got a job as a Driver with Municipal Corporation of Delhi. Later, he opened a sweet shop.  Now, the family has become quite rich with lots of shops spreading throughout Eastern part of Delhi. After the sudden demise of Shiv Lal, O P got the job. However, he soon resigned and became a full time businessman.

O P Sharma is a Bhumihar Brahmin. This caste is quite dominating in Bihar with majority of land possessions. There are many big businessmen who belong to this caste like King Mahindra of Aristo Pharma and Anil Sharma of Amrapali Builders, among others.

O P Sharma completed schooling from Ramjas School in Daryaganj and later went to Satyawati College, Delhi University, for graduation. During emergency time, he came close to the ABVP and subsequently joined the BJP. Because of his business interests, he couldn’t give sufficient time to the party which is the main reason behind his late rise in the state politics.

Controversy and O P Sharma

O P Sharma is known for being in the news for wrong reasons. He does the right thing – but, at the wrong moment and without holding back his mouth. When Alka Lamba attacked his shop and threw the cash machine, he was naturally aggrieved. But, he took a different route. He openly abused the lady. That can’t be justified. He should have shown dignity.

Recently, he was again in the controversy during the infamous JNU sedition case. Kanhaiya Singh, another Bhumihar Brahmin of Bihar, and JNUSU President was being taken to the Court by the Delhi Police. Lots of students and teachers were there shouting slogans in support of Kanhaiya. There was nothing wrong in that.
O P Sharma was also in the Patiala House Court for some legal work of Arun Jaitely. A CPI activist named Ameek Jamai saw Mr. Sharma. He started to make slogans in front of him. When Ameek said – Pakistan Jindabad – O P Sharma lost cool. He along with accomplices thrashed Ameek. He even went on the record to say that he could have killed the moron.

There is no problem in losing cool in this case. But, taking law in your hand can’t be justified. You are a representative and if you do such type of heinous crime, how can you expect people to follow the law of the land.

Further, by this act, he just gave media something to divert attention.

Family and Wife of O P Sharma

O P Sharma is eldest among three brothers. His two younger brothers are in the business. His wife name is Geeta Sharma.

Gita Sharma had also tried to enter the politics and fought the 2002 Municipal Election, but lost.

O P Sharma has two sons – the elder Vikas Sharma is running the sweet shop near Kashmiri Gate. The younger son Chetan is a lawyer.

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