Ravish Kumar, NDTV: Profile, Wife and Family

Ravish Kumar is undoubtedly one of the most popular journalists of India, especially Hindi news reporting. He is working with NDTV India as an Executive Editor.
NDTV is known for airing completely biased programs against the BJP. The entire group is run by Communists, with overt and covert support from Congress and AAP. However, you will hardly find any right winger pointing fingers against Ravish Kumar. He is also biased, no doubt. But, in a democracy, you need people like him.

Profile of Ravish Kumar

Ravish was born on 5th December, 1974 in East Champaran district of Bihar. He belongs to an orthodox Brahmin family of Jitvarpur Village.

His initial study was from the primary school of the village. Later, his father sent him to Patna where he did 12th from Loyola School.

For college education, Ravish decided to go to Delhi. He took admission in Deshbandhu College, Delhi University. At that time, his prime focus was to somehow crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination. At that time, there used to be no reservation for OBC and cracking Civil Services for Bihari upper castes, like Bhumihar, Kayastha, Rajput and Brahman, was a cake walk. You can find lots of senior IAS officers from Bihar belonging to these four castes. In fact, just taking a room in Dr. Mukerjee Nagar used to imply that the certain Bihari has become an IAS officer.

Ravish started the preparation for Civil Services while doing BA. But, the sudden implementation of Mandal Commission made it tough. He was not prepared for this and hence decided to continue with post graduation from same college. At that time, he also came into contact with a nice Bengali girl, Nayana Dasgupta, who used to study in the Indrapastha College. They became friend and later married.

Ravish has also taken diploma from the famous Indian Institute of Mass Communication. His first job was with NDTV where he was supposed to sort mails, and since then he has remained with this channel.

Ravish is the most popular among sensible Hindi news viewers at Prime Time. His ‘Ravish Ki Report’ is quite popular. He starts with …. Namaskar, main Ravish Kumar…. And goes on to introduce the topic of the day. This introduction has always been appreciated.

Ravish’ recent program on JNU Row and media mishandling has surprised many. He is not like that. If he is asking for sensible reporting by all media houses, that can be fine. But, if he is criticizing other media houses, that can’t be forgiven. In fact, many eminent journalists have asked to boycott Arnab Goswami. Which type of freedom of speech these journalists are asking for? By, boycotting a fellow journalist just because he has taken a different stand? No one was surprised by the criticism of Barkha and Rajdeep, but Ravish taking such an idiotic stand shocked people.

Wife of Ravish Kumar

As mentioned above, Ravish Kumar came in contact with Nayana Dasgupta a Bengali girl when he was doing M.Phil under the supervision of Mr. Sumit Sarkar. They became close friends. This was the first time when Ravish was talking so much with a girl. He had always been shy. Nayana also taught him English.

After dating for seven years, Ravish decided to marry Nayana. When he broke this news back home, there was a sort of storm. It was not just an intercaste marriage, but it was also an interregion marriage. His parents stopped talking with him. All relatives broke relationship with his family. But, Ravish took a firm stand and married Nayana.
His relatives are still not inviting Ravish family in any function. In fact, Nayana has never visited Ravish birthplace. Ravish has also broken all sort of relationship with all relatives. He is only in touch with his parents.

It should also be mentioned here that Ravish’ Cousin Brijesh Pandey had fought the last Assembly election on a Congress ticket. Right Wingers criticized him on Twitter for this ‘party relationship’. But, they forget that Ravish is not having any ‘real relationship’ with any of his relatives, including this Congress candidate.


  1. Sir thanks for very useful information

  2. Sir thanks for very useful information

  3. best journalist of all time

  4. best journalist of all time

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  6. Awsome new anchor..I like his prime time and other program..Thanks sir..

  7. The best news anchor .....

  8. I think that Ravish is an excellent human being and he delivered right way of living.

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    Ravish jee is really very good reporter but why he always support dalit...jaatIwad..
    Ravish jee..Sach aap bhi jante ho kitne fayede maI hain uppercast wale..sab jageh raste band

  10. रवीश कुमार के पिता जी का नाम कहीं नहीं पढ़ने को मिलता है , क्या उन्हें अपने पिता का नाम लेने में शर्म लगता है।

  11. Excellent in anchoring having good skills to relate the things and give the message to the country.

  12. You mentioned his marriage is inter caste and Inter -religion. Inter caste is understandable but how it is Inter-religion ?

    1. one is Bihari and another is bengali

  13. ravish sir plz think and talk about army jawan pay or low salary plz ur job is good and great

  14. Bakwas...Jo apni family ka nhi hua vo Desh ka kya hoga

  15. Excellent anchor and hope for common people in journalism


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