SEX MMS Scandal of Smriti Irani

The meteoric rise of Smriti Irani in the Indian politics is nothing sort of a drama. It looks like going through a script of a TV serial or a Bollywood film. But, this is reality.
There is no denying that currently, Smriti Irani is widely perceived as a powerful force in the second generation of the BJP. She has already outdone many stalwarts like Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje Scindia and Uma Bharti, among others, if we talk about women politician of the right wing party. Her oratory skill is simply scintillating. She has emerged as a serious contender to the authority of Rahul Gandhi, yes to the authority of the scion of the Congress party. She has also proved Modi right by working in a very applauding manner in the HRD ministry. It should be mentioned here that lots of right wing intellectuals had opposed the selection of Smriti Irani as a cabinet minister and then giving her such an important portfolio. Once Sanjay Nirupam had said on an NDTV debate that – tum ek nachaniya ho aur mujhe tumse baat nhi karni – about Smriti. Needless to say, Sanjay Nirupam must be thinking how powerful an Indian woman can be.

SEX MMS Scandal of Smriti Irani

In this context, it is quite shocking that there are many websites which claims to have sex scandal of Smriti Irani. I think this has something to do with her past.

In India, generally, all female celebrity is supposed to be involved in some type of sex scandal. That is the mentality of us. We keep on searching for something HOT. And, in that pursuit, we don’t leave any stone unturned to malign a woman. Indira Gandhi was also subjected to lots of attacks on her personal life. Smriti is also facing this type of inhuman propaganda.

It should be noted that Smriti Irani had once saved herself from a ‘SEX Scandal’. Actually, she along with her family had gone for shopping in a FAB India mall in Pune. She went to the trail room/changing room to check a dress. Fortunately, she decided to first look around and found a hidden camera.

According to the local BJP MLA who had first rushed to the spot to file a complaint, the camera had recorded 2 – 3 minutes of Smriti Irani. Everything above the stomach was shot in the camera. The police was immediately asked to crush the footage and the memory card was also crushed immediately so that the dignity of Smriti Irani could be protected.

When it comes to sexuality, you can’t believe anyone in India, not even the police.


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