Smriti Irani: Profile, Husband, Family and Modi

Smriti Irani is the current Minister for Textiles to the Government of India. When Narendra Modi had recommended her name for a Cabinet minister, many eyebrows were lifted in surprise, shocked and suspicion. No one was expecting her to become a cabinet minister. She had lost two consecutive elections, this time against Rahul Gandhi from Amethi. There is another loser in the cabinet in the form of inefficient, but smart Arun Jaitley. Actually, the prime purpose for Modi to select Smriti was creating a powerful woman politician replete with oratory skills to counter any possible revolt by Sushma Swaraj. However, after Lalitgate issue, Sushma is not in a position to challenge the supremacy of Modi in the BJP.

Many people started to link Smriti with Narendra Modi. That was something heinous and this type of inhuman propaganda is still going on among Congress and AAP supporters. She was constantly attacked despite commendable work as an HRD minister and Modi had to shift her out of the ministry to lessen the media focus away from the crucial ministry.

People were expecting Smriti to fail. But, in two years, she has surprised everyone.

Profile of Smriti Irani

Smriti Irani was born as Smriti Malhotra on 23rd March, 1975. She was the eldest among three sisters and quite close to her grandfather, who was a RSS pracharak.
She studied in a public school in Delhi till 12th. Later, she decided to not do a regular course for graduation. At that time, her prime aim was to become a model. She joined a correspondence course from Delhi University and started to search for modeling assignment. She was selected for Miss India contest and from there she never looked back.

She decided to go to Mumbai as Delhi was not offering her sufficient opportunity to give shine to her modeling ambition.

Smriti came to Mumbai, but some hard days were waiting there. She had to work as a waitress and what’s not. She got some modelling assignment and one day she got a call from Ekta Kapoor. She did an audition for Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi – KSBKBT. The role of Tulsi that she played in this serial had made her a household name, particularly in South India.

Fast Against Narendra Modi

You may be surprised to know that Smriti Irani had gone for ‘fast unto death’ after the debacle of Vajpayee Government. Her demand – the Removal of Narendra Modi as the CM of Gujarat.

There was no Twitter then, but BJP supporters throughout India took strong stand against this of her demand. The party warned her, and consequently she had to withdraw that ‘fast’. It is believed that Smriti was not able to digest her defeat in Chandni Chowk constituency and she thought that Muslims didn’t vote for her because of Narendra Modi.

Husband of Smriti Irani

Zubin Irani is the husband of Smriti Irani. She fell in love with him during her modeling days. She married Zubin just before her launch on the television and instantly changed her surname. That is why people know her with the name of Smriti Irani, not as Smriti Malhotra.

Zubin is a Parsi and was a divorcee when he came in contact with Smriti Irani. As per sources, Zubin came into contact with Smriti only after taking divorce and hence we should not blame Smriti to break a marriage. It is also a fact that the ex-wife of Zubin is a close friend of Smriti Irani.

Smriti has two children – Son, Zohr Irani and daughter, Zoish Irani.
It should also be mentioned here that she is also taking care of Shanelle Irani, the daughter of Zubin from his first marriage.

Caste of Smriti Irani

In a recent discussion on the unfortunate suicide of Rohit Vemulla in the Hyderabad University, Smriti Irani challenged opposition members to name her caste. In fact, she was questioning others to judge any person just on the basis of caste.

Congress and other opposition members remain silent on her challenge.

Actually, Smriti was born as a Khatri Hindu. Her father was a Punjabi Hindu of Khatri caste and her mother was a Bengali Hindu. After getting married, she is half Hindu and half Parsi. She is practicing all Hindu rituals. It should be mentioned here that Zubin never objected on her being so religiously Hindu.

Anyway, the caste of Smriti Irani is Khatri.

By the way, people who were questioning her credentials to become the HRD minister on the basis of her educational certificate must see the video of Lok Sabha debate on Rohit and JNU issues where Irani tore apart all mischievous allegations of opposition parties in a roaring manner.

She is going to stay here in the Indian politics, and is going to shine.

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  1. nothing to say about smriti, who is an example nd ideal to women of india.