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Umar Khalid, JNU: Profile and Terrorist Links

Had terrorists entered the Parliament and killed few politicians, we may not have heard so many sympathetic voices for Afzal Guru from Congress, AAP and Communist parties. AAP did not exist at that time and being completely inefficient they may not understand the importance of sovereignty of India. But, what can you say about these Congress, Communists and JDU, among others. An example is the way they are defending Umar Khalid, a student of JNU, on which a case of sedition has been lodged. If you ask to name these politicians and some journalists like Rajdeep, Shekhar Gupta and BarkhaDutt, among others to name those true Indians who gave their lives while ensuring that terrorists didn’t go inside the Parliament, they many not name any. But, they can go to any length to defend the traitor Afzal Guru. Their support for Umar Khalid is just like the same.

There are enough evidences which show that Umar Khalid was actively involved in sloganeering against India. And, yet he is being supported by majority of Indian journalists and opposition leaders.

Are these people support anti India activities?

Profile of Umar Khalid

People noticed Umar Khalid only when Arnab asked him to come to a News Hour debate. In that debate, Arnab literally thrashed Umar Khalid.

Contrary to the popular perception, Umar is not from Kashmir. He belongs to Uttar Pradesh, the new breeding ground of terrorists. However, his family is now residing in Jakir Nagar, Delhi - the location of infamous Batla encounter. 

His father Mr. Ilyasi was the former chief of SIMI, which had given many Islamic terrorists to India. 

In a video, Umar clearly says that India is occupying Kashmir. There are many occasions, where Umar has shown anti India activities. But, the pathological hate against Narendra Modi has made lots of so called Indian intellectual against India.
After completing his bachelor’s education from Allahabad, Umar took admission in JNU to do MA Modern History. He is currently enrolled with Master of Philosophy – M. Phil – Modern History.

In an internal report, Intelligence Beaureau of India has clearly said that Umar is having links with Jaish-e-Mohammed, the people who had attacked India several times.

Girlfriend of Umar Khalid

Umar Khalid doesn’t believe in having any committed relationship. He believes in the free sex and having sexual relationships with lots of communist minded girls of JNU.


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