Pushp Sharma, Journalist: A Profile

Abusing the Fundamental Right of Freedom of Speech is a norm among a section of Indian journalists. Their hate for Narendra Modi has converted into hate for India. Remember, few years back these journalists used to see entire Gujarati as a communal bigots. There is no problem in being biased against a party, whoever that might be. But, if your action is tarnishing the image of the country among the world community, you need to sit back and ponder over it.

The recent case is that of Pushpa Sharma, a so called independent journalist.

Profile of Pushp Sharma

Pushp Sharma calls himself an award winning independent investigating journalist. I could not find any credible award or recognition that has been bestowed on him, save IPI Award. To his credit, he had worked with Tehelka, the owner of which is in jail for sexually molesting a reporter working in the same organization.

Pushp Sharma further tells that he is not associated with any Political party. However, his Facebook Cover Photo uses a Congress Banner.

Pushp Sharma is actually a Congress and AAP paid journalist. His master ordered him to do something heinous that can break the secular fabric of the nation. He filed an RTI in the AYUSH Ministry and then fabricated the RTI reply. He wrote an article in the Milli Gazette and Janta Ka Reporter as a breaking sort of news. He declares that AYUSH Ministry doesn’t employ Muslims. The report created a sort of havoc on the Internet and all political parties severely criticized the government of the day. It was also noticed in the European and Arab countries. Soon, AYUSH Ministry checked their data along with the RTI reply it had given to Pushp Sharma and found that nothing is correct. That was a ‘fake RTI’ reply created by Pushp Sharma to malign the image of India.

Both Milli Gazette and Janta Ka Reporter were ashamed of their tactics. Politicians of Congress and AAP went for mute mode. But, the government was required to take some action.

A case was filed against this moron journalist. He was first interrogated and few days later arrested.

Some prominent journalists of India, few days back, were demanding action against social media users because they tried to break the social fabric of India in a doctor murder case of Delhi. But these same journalists are opposing action against Pushp Sharma, who was knowingly trying to defame the country. Rumor monger like him can create riots.

Pushp Sharma holds diploma from IIM Bangalore and has once started a successful startup, which he later sold. One wonders what compelled such a brilliant mind to transmogrify as a rumor monger.

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