Rushabh Rupani, Son of Gujarat CM: Profile and Girlfriend

Rushabh is the son of Vijay Rupani, the new Chief Minister of Gujarat state. He is young and dynamic and people have already started to see him as the rising politician. He is actively involved in arranging events for the party as a volunteer. Vijay Rupani wants him to work on the ground for few years before launching his political career.

Profile of Rushabh Rupani

Rushabh was born in Rajkot when his father was the Mayor of that city. Naturally, his early life was quite extravagant. He is quite close to mother Anjali Rupani.

Rushabh is the second child of Vijay and Anjali Rupani. The elder one is a daughter named Radhika Rupani who is married and now shifted to London. The family had lost their youngest child, a son named Pujith died 15 years ago when he was just 3 years old. At that time, Vijay had left the politics and was completely broken. Anjali and Radhika somehow convinced him to continue working as a token of love for Pujith. Vijay had launched a trust in the memory of Pujith where Rushabh is also actively involved.

Rushabh has done schooling from Shree G. K. Dholakia School, Rajkot. After completing schooling education, he took admission in Nirma University for and has done engineering in Mechanical stream.

He is not looking forward in doing job. He is planning to wholly concentrate on politics. With father as the Chief Minister and state BJP head, it may be easy for him to make a mark in the world of Indian politics.

Rushabh with mother Anjali Rupani

Girlfriend of Rushabh Rupani

Rushabh Rupani is dating a girl. However, the name of that girl is not known on the public platform. The girl is from different caste, but seeing the tradition of the family, that may not be an issue. Rushabh sister Radhika Rupani had married Nitin Mishra, from another caste (and, also religion). It would be interesting to see whether Rushabh maintain this relationship for that long duration or not.

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