Girlfriends of Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the most successful Cricket captain of India, has always been a favorite sports personality for Indian girls. His popularity among girls didn’t go down even after marriage. The reason is some of his unique personality traits – aggressive batting style, remaining cool in trying circumstances and taking unorthodox decisions, among others. Dhoni has also been involved with many girls before finally getting settled with Sakshi Singh Rawat.

There have been at least four girlfriends of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. This doesn’t include his first crush, from his school.

List of Dhoni’s Girlfriends

1.     Priyanka Jha: The first girlfriend of Dhoni was also credited to change his personality. Priyanka Jha was quite rich while Dhoni belonged to a lower middle class family. However, the chemistry was perfect between them and they started to date. Priyanka helped Dhoni immensely in setting up his career, including helping him financially. When both of them were dreaming of getting married at some day, a tragic car accident happened which took away Priyanka from the life of Dhoni. The death of Priyanka completely changed Dhoni and it also made him determined to fulfil the dream of her first true love. It should be noted that this unknown part of Dhoni’s life has been included in Dhoni’s biopic where the role of Priyanka was beautifully played by gorgeous Disha Patani.

2.     Laxmi Raii: After the tragic end of Priyanka, Dhoni was reluctant to be in any sort of committed relationship with a girl. However, he couldn’t keep eyes of off from dashing Laxmi Raii, who was associated with Chennai Super Kings IPL Team as a brand ambassador. Dhoni being the captain of the team was in touch with her for promotional event. They started to spend time together and soon found that they are in love. This love story couldn’t go too far and they broke up in 2009, just one year after being in a relationship. Laxmi doesn’t want to discuss about this relationship. And, Dhoni also didn’t allow Niraj Pandey, the maker of his biopic, to include this love episode in the film.

3.     Deepika Padukone: It is a well-known fact that Deepika has changed many boyfriends and her choice has always been the prospects of the guy to become successful in the chosen field. Dhoni came to her life when she was just a simple model. They became friend and started to date each other. Then comes Yuvraj Singh in the picture who was also a very close friend of Dhoni. It was because of Yuvi that Dhoni decided to part ways with Deepika. Unfortunately, Deepika couldn’t stick with Yuvi for long and went away for Ranbir Kapoor.

4.     Sakshi Singh Rawat: It was a very interesting love story where Sakshi didn’t need to do much to get attraction of Dhoni. That was a chance meeting where Sakshi was introduced to Dhoni by John Abraham. When they started to talk, Dhoni found that Sakshi is also from his school at Ranchi. Further, the father of Sakshi was the senior of his father. Moreover, the family roots of both of them were from Uttarakhand. These were enough stuff for them to become friend and later love birds. This time Dhoni didn’t waste time and got married with Sakshi.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any image available of Priyanka Jha on the public forum. In fact, the family details of Priyanka are also not known.


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