Varun Gandhi MMS Scandal

Menaka Gandhi had published some objectionable photographs of Suresh Ram with a girl in news magazine Surya. That was the first sex scandal of India which was made open by the media. Suresh Ram was the son of Jagjivan Ram and brother of Meira Kumar. That incident ended the political career of Suresh Ram.

Suresh Ram Sex Scandal leaked by Menaka Gandhi

A strange karmic payback seems to be happening with Menaka Gandhi. The sin committed by her is getting paid through her son. Some photographs of Varun Gandhi are getting viral over the Social Media, particularly Whats App where he is seen with girl in compromising position.

Sex Scandal of Varun Gandhi

It all started when Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan leaked a letter written by a US based lawyer to the PMO. In the letter, it has been revealed that arm dealer Abhishek Verma had honey trapped Varun Gandhi to get sensitive information about defense.

Abhishek Verma has been a dubious arms dealer and accused of playing with the security of India. It is also a known fact that Abhishek and Varun Gandhi have been friends at some point of time.

Honey trap means sharing information in lieu of sexual favors.

Varun Gandhi categorically denied all of these allegations.

However, following photographs took the battle on a different plane. I am sharing images as have been found on the social media websites. You can see the BJP symbols being used in the image. Further, there is no guarantee that the guy being seen in these images are that of Varun Gandhi. The use of BJP symbol shows little bit of editing has been done with these images.

As I said earlier, there is no guarantee that these photographs are real. The probability of editing is huge. The guy may be a look-a-like of Varun Gandhi. 

In any case, Varun Gandhi apart from writing letter should also come forward and fight this battle politically. Everything seems to be well planned to malign him just before the UP election. 


  1. ek neta ko apane patni ke atirikt kisi dusare se sex ke bare me sochana galat hai. Varun me neta ka charector nahi hai.


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