Shilpa and Arvind Kejriwal: What's The Truth?

Arvind Kejriwal who has a penchant for making reckless allegations against anyone has completely lost the plot when it comes to his own personal life. One of his formal colleagues has openly written about his illicit sexual relationship with a girl. But, Kejriwal and his ardent followers are mum. They have absolutely nothing to say on this topic as the more they will defend the more problematic it will become for the ‘dictator’.

Apart from Kapil Bajaj, former colleague of Arvind Kejriwal, there are many others who have blamed some of the top leaders of AAP indulging in sexually abusing girls and young volunteers of AAP. One of them is Mr. Devinder Sehrawat, an AAP MLA, who has also written about these immoral activities going on in AAP.

Shilpa and Arvind Kejriwal

The name of the girl has not been revealed by Kapil Bajaj to protect the identity of her. However, he has given enough hints about the identification of that girl. For example, Bajaj says that Shilpa has done B. Tech and currently the Chairperson of a statutory body in Delhi. The Chairperson of a statutory body in Delhi has indeed completed B. Tech in 2006 and she was also an old companion of Arvind Kejriwal. She later married an AAP leader from Haryana. In any case, the identity should better remain under cover. It is not proper to point finger towards a girl on the basis of certain written account.

Returning back to the topic, Kapil Bajaj has written openly about Arvind Kejriwal and Shilpa spending time in the bed room. Kapil says that he was shocked to see a Ramon Magsaysay Award winner indulging in sexual activities with a volunteer in Kerala when they were touring the state to study Transparency in Local Governance.

Arvind Kejriwal or AAP is yet to file defamation suit against Kapil Bajaj. The party just do one thing – marshalling out Leader of Opposition from the Delhi Assembly when such type of issues are raised.

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