Deepak Jayakumar: Profile, Wife, Family and Education

Deepak Jayakumar is a sort of enigmatic personality in the current political theatrics of Tamil Nadu. He is the son of the only brother of Jayalalitha, and hence one of her blood relatives (the other is his sister Deepa). It is also not a secret that he was quite close to Jayalalitha. He stole the lime light when he joined Sasikala in performing the last rites of Jayalalitha. He remained a supporter of Sasikala even after her conviction in the DA case and trying his best to give Sasikala credibility among AIADMK cader \and supporter.

Profile of Deepak Jayakumar

Very little is known in the public domain about the personal life of Deepak. He is the son of Jayakumar and Vijaylaxmi. When he was born, his family was living in the Poes Garden residence of Jayalalitha. However, due to some differences, Jayakumar left Poes Garden in 1995. It is said that Jayakumar was not happy with Jayalalitha decision to adopt Sudhakaran. The relationship between Jayakumar and Jayalalitha got acidic after that.

Jayakumar started to live in T T Nagar. He died few years later in a road accident.
After the death of his father, Jayalalitha started to take care of Deepak and Deepa. Though, she didn’t allow them to come to Poes Garden, but was looking after their needs and education.

Jayalalitha broke all relation with Deepa when the latter converted to Christianity. It is also believed that Deepak is not maintaining any relation with Deepa just because of this conversion issue.

Deepak is married and living in Chennai. He is having his own flourishing real estate business. He is least inclined to join politics.

Recently, Deepak shocked people by saying that all of Jayalalitha properties belong to him and Deepa. He further said that he will somehow pay the fine of Rs. 100 Crores awarded to Jayalalitha in the DA case. Many believe that it was the handiwork of Natarajan, husband of Sasikala, to stop Deepa from entering the politics.

Deepak has also disclosed that he continuously visited the hospital when Amma was admitted. This was a revelation which will sideline allegation that Sasikala was behind the death of Jayalalitha. 

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