Is Deepa Jayakumar a Christian?

Few months back, there was hardly anyone in Tamil Nadu who had heard about Deepa Jayakumar. Now, she has become a center of attraction in the boiling politics after the demise of J. Jayalalitha. She being a close blood relative Jayalalitha has staked her claim and surprisingly getting positive responses. Even OPS has asked her to come and join the fight against the takeover of AIADMK by Mannargudi Mafia led by Sasikala. 

The general mood among AIADMK cadres and supporters after conviction of Sasikala is that of rejoice. But, Sasikala has successfully managed to keep MLAs with her. OPS is unable to get required number of support and in this perspective his alliance with Deepa will be tracked by political analysts with keen interest.

Religion of Deepa Jayakumar

In this context, the religion of Deepa is being a matter of controversy. Previously, people were interested about her caste – the caste in which she got married. However, some revelation is coming to the fore which suggests that Deepa is no more a Hindu. She has converted and is now a Christian.

When Deepa went to see Jayalalitha, she was denied entry on the order of Sasikala. At that time, media reported that Deepa has gone to Apollo Hospital with her husband whose name was given as Madhavan. Before this, some media reports has claimed that she is a divorcee. Apart from that, you will hardly get any information about her husband and family.

Some veteran journalists have claimed that Deepa’s real name is Deepa Patrick. She has reverted back to ‘Jayakumar’ surname for political purpose. It is because of this fact that she is trying her best to keep her identity secret.

There is nothing wrong in being a Christian. Indian Constitution guarantees religious freedom which also includes converting to any religion. There is no point for Deepa to conceal her real religion from the world. Lots of people are seeing towards her with hope and hence she must be more transparent. She should let the world know more about her without compromising her personal secrecy. She is eyeing to become a leader and this habit of hiding information may create problems for her in future.


  1. No point in pondering on anyone's religion. But what matters more is the way she cheats the dwindling population of Hindus and stealthily coercing with the evangelist lobby.

  2. True. Why she is hiding . She should tell her religion so that people could make better decisions. Converted Christian cannot be & should not be heir to strictly Hindu religious & spiritual J.Jaylalitha.

  3. The previous statement is unconstitutional. Will not stand anywhere.

  4. If it can't stand. Then it will sit anywhere.