Is Dileep Involved in Bhavana Kidnapping and Sexual Molestation?

The kidnapping and sexual molestation of Bhavana in Kochi has given shame and pain to the highly educated society of Kerala. It has become somewhat a blot and people are still wondering how a celebrity can become victim of sexual molestation on the road in the broad daylight. There is no doubt that the Malayalam Film Industry will find it tough to get rid of. Few years back, popular and beautiful actress Asin was groped in a conference. One of her fans got a chance and publicly pressed her boobs. That was a shameful incident.

Malayalam Film Industry has another reason to worry about in Bhavana case. There are solid proof against superstar Dileep in this kidnapping and molestation case. Dileep has now been arrested and investigation is going on against him.

Dileep and Bhavana Sexual Molestation Case

The relationship between Dileep and Bhavana is acidic. This is a known fact and everyone is aware of this. This sweet and highly successful onscreen couple had major fallout few years back. In fact, Dileep had not even invited Bhavana in his marriage with Kavya Madhavan. The marriage had itself become a controversy because of this Bhavana angle and some of the sexist and idiotic statements made by Dileep in the media.

It is quite clear that Dileep and Bhavana were not on good terms. But, it is shocking to even think about Dileep going to such an extent. A simple logic says that Dileep can’t do this. Once caught, his entire reputation and career will be finished. Leave aside fear of getting caught, it is in fact quite idiotic to even think that Dileep can be kingpin of this shameful incident. Unfortunately, that seems to have happened. The career of Dileep is over and so is his reputation. What have you done Dileep?

Social Media took the lead in the case. People were not speculating, but they had made solid case against Dileep by unraveling the possible series of events.

Dileep, on his part, had issued a statement. He wrote a Facebook post and tried to put his thought in the public domain in this case. At that time, majority of Dileep fans had requested him to file defamation suit against some Social Media users as well as Malayalam media. Dileep remained mum and never talked about any suit. Now, we know why he was silent. 


  1. Utterly shameful incident. Good governance that even a prominent woman is unsafe. What then of the poor?