Why Does Deepak Jayakumar Hate Deepa?

Two names have become a matter of high decibel discussion in Tamil Nadu during last few months – Deepa and Deepak Jayakumar. They are siblings and only blood relatives of highly popular leader late J. Jayalalitha. AIADMK supporters and majority of cadres are looking towards them and expecting them to save the party from going into the clutches of Sasikala and her family.

When the Supreme Court pronounced judgment and sent Sasikala to jail shattering her hopes of becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, a meeting was called at the Poes Garden. Deepak Jayakumar was asked to come to the meeting. Suddenly, media started to flash a news that Sasikala may appoint Deepak as the leader of legislative party (for CM post) to check mate O Paneerselvam. However, that doesn’t happen. But, this has also send a clear message to the world that Sasikala is keeping Deepak close to her heart and also taking his opinion before making crucial political decisions.

On her part, Deepa is trying her best to decimate the aura of Sasikala. Riding on her popularity – emanating from her being a blood relative as well as physical resemblance with Jayalalitha – she has done everything to stop Sasikala. She urgently needs support of Deepak, her own brother.

But, Deepak is not there for her. In an interview with Thanti TV, Deepak has made it very much clear that he doesn’t have any relation with Deepa. He further revealed that Amma remained quite furious with Deepa. The reason remained unknown and Deepak also didn’t reveal anything further.

Now, it has come out in the public notice – the reason why Deepak has so much hate for his own sister.

That is about the personal life of Deepa Jayakumar.

Jayalalitha was a staunch Hindu, so is Sasikala and Deepak. But, Deepa is not a Hindu. Deepa is married with a Christian. That may not have irked Jayalalitha. But, it was Deepa’s decision to convert to Christianity made her furious.

Jayalalitha wanted Deepa to remain Hindu even after her marriage. But, Deepa was not agreeing. It is because of this fact that Jayalalitha severed all of her relation with Deepa. However, late Amma remained in touch with Deepak and used to help him.

It is because of this fact that Deepak maintains no relation with Deepa. He considers her as someone who had deeply hurt Jayalalitha.

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