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Prashant Kumar Kovind: Profile, Wife, Family, Education and Age

Prashant Kumar Kovind is the son of the 14th President of India, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind. The decision of NDA to project Ram Nath as the Presidential candidate had surprised many analysts and people started to look for more information about him. He has a very small family – with wife and two children. Apart from Prashant, Ram Nath Kovind has one daughter named Swati Kovind. It is quite natural that the status of Prashant Kumar has become like that of a celebrity. But, he remained a down to earth person. He has never used the status of his father as a senior BJP politician and later as a Governor. But, the situation is going to be changed now. He will live in the Raisina Hill and will be protected by the Presidential guard.

Prashant Kumar Kovind in his marriage ceremony with Modi

Biography and Wiki of Prashant Kovind

Prashant Kumar was born and brought up in Kanpur. Ram Nath was a struggling Supreme Court lawyer at that time, even though he had cracked UPSC Civil Services Examination and had been the personal assistant of Morarji Desai, the former Prime Minister of India.

Prashant Kumar is also quite humble like his father. After completing his graduation, he joined a private airline as a manager and continues to work with the same organization.

Wife of Prashant Kumar

Prashant is married. The name of his wife is not known. In the above image, you can see Prime Minister Narendra Modi attending the marriage ceremony of Prashant. That image is 20 years old. Narendra Modi was then the General Secretary of the BJP.
Prashant has two children – one son and a daughter. You can see the family photo in the second image provided here.

Prashant Kovind with his family and PM Modi

Needless to say, the family will now live in the palatial Rashtrapati Bhavan for the next five years.

It will be interesting to see whether Prashant will continue to work with the private airline, or he will quit his job. 


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