Girlfriend of Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev has always been a hot target for Communists and people representing MNCs. He has single handedly given the toughest competitions to many big international brands. For some brands, he has become an existential threat. Communists see him as someone having potential to make Indians realized about the vast potential and power that ancient Indian wisdom has. It is quite natural that these forces are not leaving any stone unturned in maligning the image of Baba Ramdev.

The latest attempt is a viral message encapsulated with an image where Baba Ramdev is being seen with a girl. The image has again started to get circulated after the imprisonment of Baba Ram Rahim. People are suspecting that none of Hindu Gurus are worth their trust when it comes to respecting women.

This image had first gone viral in 2014. At that time, Baba Ramdev had to come forward and issued a statement providing all necessary details about the girl.

Baba Ramdev and His Girlfriend

The most heinous part about this campaign is the identity and medical history of the girl.

She is actually a family member of a very good friend and one of the founders of Baba Ramdev. She is suffering from cancer. She has already exhausted all conventional treatment and now relying on alternative medicines, including ayurvedic treatment. She is just hoping to extend her life.

Patanjali and Baba Ramdev had never revealed her identity. The fear of smear campaign against an individual seeing death stopped them from revealing anything personal about her.

The girl has been at Patanjali for long time. She stays with her family. The photo was taken by his brother when Baba Ramdev was motivating her to face the life as it is without any fear.

The following picture can be taken as an example of the malicious campaign going against Baba Ramdev:

Morphed picture of Baba Ramdev with Navneet Kaur

Real picture where Baba Ramdev is giving Aashirwad to Navneet Kaur and her husband 

Needless to say, this is a scandalous campaign being run by Indian Communists and people being paid by MNCs.

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