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Mukesh Pandey, IAS: Profile, Family, Wife and Death

Mukesh Pandey was a 2012 batch IAS officer of Bihar cadre. He was a brilliant and honest officer known for his attitude to make positive impact through various government programs and schemes. His suicide has shocked everyone. He was recently appointed as the District Magistrate of Buxar. No one had sensed anything wrong during last few days.

Mukesh had taken leave for few days giving reason for seeing an ailing relative in Ghaziabad.

Mukesh Pandey, IAS

His dead body was found near Ghaziabad Railway Station. In fact, his body was severed into two parts. 

Dead body of Mukesh Pandey, IAS

Suicide is clear, but the reason is still unknown. He was staying at Leela Hotel from where the Police recovered his mobile phone.

Wiki and Bio of Mukesh Pandey

Mukesh Pandey was basically from Bihar. However, he was brought up in Guahati because his father was posted there. His parents – Dr. Sudeshwar Pandey and Geeta Pandey are currently residing in Chhapra. They are considered noble and socially active persons.

Mukesh Pandey did schooling from the Faculty Higher Secondary School, Guahati (Class X) and Maria’s Public School (Class XII). Later, he took admission in the prestigious Cotton College, Guahati from where he did B. A. (Hons) with English Literature.

Suicide letter of Mukesh Pandey, IAS

After completing graduation, Mukesh came to Delhi for preparing Civil Services Examination. He took admission in the Alternative Learning System (ALS), a Coaching Institute. He couldn’t crack UPSC in his first attempt. For second attempt, he didn’t take any coaching and cracked UPSC CSE with flying colors. His all India rank was 14.

The stupendous success of Mukesh Pandey has been big news that year because it was one of the best ranks ever in UPSC CSE from North Eastern states.

Wife and Family of Mukesh Pandey

Mukesh Pandey was married. His wife was staying in the NCR. His wife belongs to one of the most influential families of Bihar. Her grandfather is a well - known contractor while father runs the biggest Maruti Suzuki Dealership and showroom of Bihar named VAU's Automobiles

Mukesh Pandey, IAS with his wife

Reason of Suicide

The reason behind this unfortunate incident is now out. Mukesh Pandey had not only written three suicide notes, but also had shot a video. He had recorded this video in his mobile phone in Buxar. In the video, he is clearly revealing everything what led him to think about terminating such a wonderful life. The continuous fight between his wife and mother was one of the main reasons. 

In any case, this is a loss for the nation. He should have thought about his three months old daughter before committing suicide. 


  1. Very sad news. But I m very sorry to say that sucide by this person is not shows his strong personality.a common man can do it,but an IAS ?

    1. Tht much of depression he might faced ...otherwise why he would take this decission ... an ias having a strong psychology bt also he lose his life ..then you thing only ..which type of extreme situation he would faced ... so Thts why he might lose his life... may his leave in peace .....

    2. From the description about his wife, it is clear that this man married for money. He may be an IAS officer but on weak ethical foundation.

  2. निंदनीय । नाक़ाबिलो को टूटते देखे है पर काबिलो को इस कदर गिरते नही ।।
    दिल से श्रद्धांजलि ।। बहुत दुख हुआ ।।

  3. This give a strong message to the society they need care love and respect .plz maintain love and peace in the society think positive for everyone

  4. Rest in peace man... suicide is never the option 🙁

  5. He wrote in suicide note that-My believe on human existence is over...Brings a big question mark on the face of Indian society.Last month also the same thing happened with Ashish Tiwari IAS of karataka cadre his dead body was found was really very shocking.I will just say one thing PRESSURES ARE CREATED BUT THEY CAN BE TAKLED ALSO.Rest in piece Mukesh Sir.

  6. Completely disheartened by your suicide, i really love all IAS officer, please don't commit suicide, i strongly urge u all IAS officer.i am also preparing for civil service

  7. Suiciding by #Mr_Mukesh_Pandey DM Buxar Bihar is very Unfateful.
    Loss not only for his family and dependent but also #All_Brahman_Family_of_India and #Govt_Of_India.
    Because he was young public servent and talented.
    In this moment I Pray God for his departing soul peace and giving energy for his all well wisher and Dependent.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Plz think over it...if such type of people getting suicide like dat..den it's a big ?...on our society...

  10. Its really sad our nation has lost one of the brilliant and honest officer just for family problems.RIP.

  11. Its because we dont have any men Cell in India. An IAS officer, DM gets mentally tortured and dont have any option. Its the society where suicide is preferred than Divorce. He could have gone for a Divorce but I bet his wife must have threatened her that she will complain that he wants divorce because her family failed to pay the Dowry demanded by Mr. Mukesh and you know how much dowry an IAS officer gets in Bihar. Believe me my friends, you cant imagine his mental condition. I am not an IAS but this is what I am facing as well. The only difference if I believe things will be OK one day, dont know when that one day will come. We desperately need to empower men now as we have seen enough of women empowerment and how the same is being misused.

    1. Please make a note "Not every IAS officer/Ordinary man demands the "F..cking DOWRY". You mentioned "BIHAR". What about other states? Don't relate this suicide with "BIHAR". Relate it to "Family problems".

  12. इंसान कितने भी उचाई पर क्यूं न हो लेकिन पारिवारिक कलह सब कुछ तोड़ देती है बहुत दुखी हूं।

  13. Peace to his troubled soul.

    I am perplexed that an IAS officer , somebody who is supposed to ne a cut above the mundane could take such a step.
    Speaks a lot about the flaws in the selection system.

    Whatever personal problems he had , his job may have only added to his troubles.

    Must have been a sensitive caring type.

  14. This is shocking but his philosophical talk shows that what kind of huge pressure he was having. Being IAS is considered as act of prestige & proud in India besides his suicide show that he was not that much mentally strong to handle and manage his issues..

    He was managing the district, how he got failed in managing his own family?

    However escape is also solution of problem but not permanent.....
    RIP.......may he get peace in unconsciousness.

  15. Very sad story. The problem was family turbulence and other related things between his wife and mother. But sky was not falling for that. It is a common problem in India which not so serious and there are many ways to settle the problem. Combating with the situation boldly would have made him more stubborn than making a hasty decision. RIP.

  16. RIP Mukesh sir, considering on all these matters every husband wife should make clear understanding for avoiding this type of situation.

  17. So sad.I PREY that lord krishna unke aatma ko shanti pradan kren.

  18. Why Nobody is seeing this as a case unsuitability and immature decisions these Arranged marriages are putting on todays Youth. Still in these times, Marriages are happening based on dowry ( Do check the rates of IAS officers in the Bihar ), Why Nobody is seeing that whether his wife matches any standard of Him or not, just because she is from Wealthy background doesnot make her suitable for Being a wife of qualified person with different social background and mentality . Parents still believe that they are doing there best by doing arranged marriages based on money. This is not good and HAS TO CHANGE . Both the Partners has to match up with each others for cordial relationship.

  19. What he talked in his suicide video, he was introvert and his wife is extrovert. His wife should have understood that. When there is no or fewer replies from an introvert person, it does not mean he possess no reply. But Mukesh Sir, this is not the reply.

  20. May God give rest in peace for what you were looking for, because God will not do unfair at all the places.

  21. He has a daughter...God sake , he could have given a thought before taking such extreme step. her smile could have been a reason to start and spend life a fresh.

    He talks about spiritualism or going to holy place in the video as an resort to get away of all this but never mentioned any regrate of leaving his daughter alone in this world. He is responsible not only to loose his own life but his daughter life too.

    1. Comment if Vinita Chandra is practical. A CBI enquiry to be done. However whoever if it comes to family one shatters

  22. Fights between mon & wife made him to suicide - doesn't seem a reason for suicide. He got promoted recently, & then writing "Faith in humanity is gone.." Matter seems fishy..

  23. ज़िलाधिकारी मुकेश पांडे के आत्महत्या से पहले का video मैने देखा l वे यही कह रहे थे की उनके माता पिता और पत्नी मे झगड़ा होता था उनके और उनकी पत्नी से बनती नहीं थी l परिवारिक कलह मनुष्य के जिन्दगी पर कितना प्रभाव डालता है इससे बड़ा उदाहरण नहीं मिल सकता है l उनका मानवता पर से भरोसा उठ गय़ा था l आज के दिन मे बहुत सारे ऐसे लोग हैं जो इन सब परेशनियों के बावजुद अपनी जिन्दगी जी रहे हैं l ऐसी स्थिति मे अगर कोई अपने परिवार से झगड़ा करता है , अपनी पत्नी को मारता पिटता है तो उसे घरेलु हिंसा कहा जाता है l मुकेश जी ने यह सब करने के बजाये अपने जिन्दगी को ही खत्म करना बेहतर समझा l जिन्दगी जीना यह संघर्ष है इससे हारकर उन्होने आत्महत्या करने का कदम उठाया l क्या सही है क्या गलत है यह एक बहस का मुद्दा है लेकिन अगर कोई परिवारिक परिस्थति , कलह इंसान को मरने के लिये मजबूर करे तो यह एक गंभीर स्थिति को दर्शाता है और इस पर विचार करने की ज़रूरत है l

    I want to say one point also, that if he got promoted as a DM of Buxar. Why not her wife was living with her ?
    This is a big question on his married relationship. His in laws relation with his mother father and with him was also not good. It seems there was wrong from his in laws side and his wife was in favor with her parental side.

    If there was any case related to dowry then it could be highlighted from his in laws side, that he or his family demanding dowry. Basically which I feel that, this is the case of unmatched marriage and also there may conflict about dowry between their in laws which were running in the background and Mr. Mukesh was fed up with fight between two familes.


  24. Marry only in family of equal status.
    The days are over when boy and his family tortured the girls. These days boys and his family suffer silently.
    What a DM can do under such situation. To become laughing stock in the district and in the IAS fraternity.
    By the way why his wife was not living with her while she herself belonged to Bihar.

    His wife and her family should be prosecuted for abatement of suicide. Think of his parents who lost the best of their life.

  25. I'm so sad hearing this news ....I want ,gov needs to debate this case bcz its a big loss of our nation and society.


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