Niraj Kumar, IAS and Sex Scandal: The Truth

Few photos on the social media of an IAS officer went viral. And, the years of hard work of that officer went to the drain. He was ridiculed over the social media. People without getting facts started to abuse his family members. The government decided to punish him without even knowing the truth.

We are discussing here about Niraj Kumar, a maverick Jammu and Kashmir cadre IAS officer of 2010 batch. He has been entrapped into a sex scandal. He was the DC of Udhampur district for more than one year. People will miss him, because he was working hard for them. 

Three photos of him in unconscious state with two girls have become viral and that is being termed as the sex scandal of an IAS officer.

Natural justice says that a man should not be termed guilty unless proven otherwise. We are doing exactly opposite. There is no harm in government taking action against him, as he can influence the inquire – if he is involved. But, we should be ashamed of ourselves. We have already judged him to be a person unbecoming of an IAS officer.

Sex Scandal or Conspiracy

The entire controversy is all about three photos that are going viral over the social media. Niraj Kumar is seen with two girls in a hotel room. It is quite obvious that he is unconscious. And, it would be NOT correct to say that he is in inebriated state. It is highly possible that he is nor drunk, but the conspirator has made him eat something. Following are three pictures we are talking about.

In first two pictures, both girls are seen enjoying with Niraj. His pant is obviously down. It is not clear whether he is wearing underwear or is naked below waist. In the third picture, Niraj also seems to be giving a pose. But, seeing the expression on his face, it seems that he is trying to scold the cameraman to not take picture.

There is not an iota of hint that Niraj is enjoying with these two girls. Even meagre knowledge of Psychology can make people see the real picture.

In all probability, Niraj was entrapped by some known person. The picture might have been taken to blackmail him. When refused, the photographer had uploaded them on social media.

It may be quite easy to crack the case. The police should first arrest the photographer. Niraj can definitely give some clue. The questioning of these two girls may disclose the entire conspiracy.

As for us, we should not malign the image of an honest officer without knowing the truth.

Brief Wiki and Biography of Niraj Kumar

Niraj Kumar comes from a small town in Bihar – Katihar. He has struggled a lot in life. His family was unable to send him to cities for higher education because of the weak financial condition. He has completed graduation from a small college in Katihar – D.


  1. First time a logical arguments is bring published. Media trial is illigal and unconstitutional. Need to take strict action against the media who fabricate and falsify truth for penny publicity and ratings.

    It is hard to believe that the man who struggled to get through administrative service will indulge in these activities. He might not be an accused but a victim. Pictures describe the truth itself.

  2. Girls not showing faces,
    Hand pulling his head in third photo.and photo being blurred intentionally.
    He is being trapped.

  3. I know him earlier.He is dedicated person whether it was his study or presently serving the nation.
    Any sensible person can easily see he is in state of unconscious in all those three pics.clearly visible not touches any girl or any movement from his side.pant can be easily remove by another one in unconscious state but it's hard to do same for the shirt.In third Pic some media channel or news house says "he is posing with smile " .I think they don't know the truth or want to know whole truth behind this conspiracy. if pic was not blur they could know motive behind this issue.girl forcibly raised his head but they don't want to show her face. How a administrative servant doses such a stupid thing ????
    I hope truth will come out soon.He will come out with his clean image that he holds.God give him strength.