Prabhu Nath, Gorakhpur ADM: Profile and ISI Links

Prabhu Nath, the Additional District Magistrate of Gorakhpur, has now been transferred to the revenue department. This transfer order may seem, at the first sight, as a punishment for BDR Hospital tragedy. However, there is more than that.

Prabhunath has been transferred because there seems to be some links of him in the spying scandal. He is being investigated for being in direct touch with Pakistan based ISI.

Profile of Prabhu Nath

There is very little information about Prabhu Nath in the public domain. We just know that he is an UPPCS officer. He is considered a corrupt officer who once was also the Examination Controller of UPPSC. Now, everyone is aware of the rampant corruption that happened in the UPPSC since last one decade.

Prabhu Nath was the SDM of Jhansi when this spying racket came to the light. Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS) had revealed that some important documents related to Indian Army have been shared with ISI from Jhansi. The clerk of District Collector of Jhansi Mr. Raghwendra was questioned as he was the man who had given those documents. On questioning, Raghwendra revealed that it was the then SDM Mr. Prabhu Nath who had instructed him to hand over vital and highly secure documents to ISI linked person.

Meanwhile, Prabhu Nath was transferred to Gorakhpur and was made the ADM in the first week of July. The spying link started to came in light in the first week of August, 2017.

The Administrative department took action and has transferred Prabhu Nath to a ‘useless’ post. The idea is to help ATS question him and not allow him to influence the investigation.

It must also be noted that while BJP supporters are calling out Muslims for being antinational, there are many Hindus who are working for ISI in India. 

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